Canvas LA
Los Angeles, CA

210 Units | 88 Lockers | Silver Speck

The Issue

The luxury apartment community was becoming overwhelmed with the 65-70 packages they were receiving daily. They needed to find the best solution to serve their residents and ease the package management burden for the Canvas LA staff.

Canvas LA, a downtown Los Angeles luxury apartment community, offers more than 25 different floor plans of studio to three-bedroom units. The community includes resort-style amenities and aims to cater its residents. As a result of the rising popularity of online shopping, Canvas LA’s management team had become increasingly swamped with the influx of resident packages. Management’s initial budget had package lockers not being installed until the 2018 but with the community needing an immediate fix to the package problem, they were able to move the install date in the first of 2017.

Our Solution

Package Concierge installed the 88-locker system in the parking garage providing the most convenient access to Canvas LA residents. Package Concierge is able to provide a simple yet sophisticated technological locker series. Providing the residents with an app for Package Concierge and also the ability to retrieve multiple packages delivered in one day with one PIN code number is a huge time saver and hassle-free system.

The Results

The demanding responsibility of Canvas LA’s onsite team to handle and oversee the increased volume of packages was thoroughly mitigated after installing the locker system. Management has more time to focus on other issues affecting the community, and packages are more accessible than ever to residents. Residents are extremely happy with the addition and more than satisfied with being able to retrieve their packages based on their time table vs. the standard hours of the leasing office.

"The residents are loving it. And, of course, we're loving it in the office now that we're not spending two to three hours a day logging packages and going through the process of contacting residents and giving them out."

— William Corwin, Senior Business Manager

Putting Package Concierge® Into Use - Case Studies

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