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Locker system installed in wall
Locker system in lobby
Locking system in waiting area
package room kiosk
Locker system and Florence mailboxes
Locker system room
mailroom with Locker system and Florence mailboxes

Plan early for this Section 10 50 00 Metal Lockers to ensure plenty of available space and proper electrical and internet connection.

Man operating the locker system outside

Element Locker Series

Meet the demands of outdoor environments and provide 24/7 customer access with this weather resistant, secure automated locker system.

  • Patent-pending site configurable locker process provides ability to modify compartment sizes as necessary

  • Weather-resistant compartments and awning with LED light for nighttime illumination

  • Durable outdoor suitable 10” x 8” touch screen interface with built-in still camera and barcode reader

  • All steel construction available in eight (8) durable powder coat finishes or with custom color and/or wrap

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Locker system

Premier Locker Series

This feature-rich solution, designed and built in America's Heartland, is the Architect and Designer choice offering an impressive asset to showcase anywhere.

  • System design, construction and installation method offers built-in furniture appearance

  • Customizable installation options such as liner, U-shape, L-shape, and split system configurations

  • 8”x10” commercial grade touch screen interface with RFID reader, built-in camera, and barcode reader

  • All steel construction available in eight (8) durable powder coat finishes or with custom color and/or wrap

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Locker system in an open area

Express Locker Series

The modular design of the Express Series easily allows the kiosk module to be used as a standalone system, or grouped with other modules to build a larger solution.

  • Freestanding, double-column modules with leveling feet provide ease of installation

  • Customizable installation options such as liner, U-shape, L-shape, and split system configurations

  • Compact 7"x5" horizontal color touch screen interface with built-in still camera and barcode reader

  • All steel construction available in three (3) durable powder coat finishes or with custom color and/or wrap

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Locker system

Package Room

This convenient solution eliminates the handling of inbound and outbound packages by staff, freeing up their time for other priorities.

  • Creates overflow space for packages when the lockers are full during peak periods of use

  • Supplies an alternative space for an indoor package management solution for those with space constraints

  • The sleek surface-mounted kiosk contains a computer, touchscreen, camera, and barcode reader

  • All steel construction kiosk is available in black or white powder coat finish   

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Locker system

Case Study: Chelsea Place

This newly constructed apartment building has high student occupancy and no full time management staff. From the get-go, they knew package management would be a challenge.

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As an ETL Listed product, tested and certified by Interteck, the system has been thoroughly vetted to be in compliance of the National Electrical Code and National Fire Protection Association, providing additional peace of mind.

Seasonal Strategies Help Property Managers Plan for the Busy Upcoming Holiday Season

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Property Technology Attracts Next Generation Renters While Driving Efficiency  

Today, Package Concierge®, the trusted provider of automated locker solutions, is revealing its property playbook to help the multi-family housing industry make the most of the upcoming holiday season, and everything that comes with it. UPS alone estimated it delivered 800 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2018 - and Package Concierge processed more than three million transactions during the season (half a million in just one week in December) last year.

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The Key to On- and Off-Campus Package Management Might Just Be Keyless

Apartments | University

It's no secret that college is becoming more and more expensive, between tuition, room and board, fees, and textbooks. Many students are living off minimum wage jobs or participating in work-study programs, all while juggling full-time course loads. The last thing they should have to worry about is package theft.

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Efficiently Handling Your Corporate Office Package Needs

Corporate Office

Your company’s situation is unique, and your resources are precious, and Package Concierge® has a plan to help you with both. 

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Your 10,000 packages arrived


Online shopping has been heralded as the ultimate modern-day convenience, but in at least one respect, it can be anything but. Packages get stolen, boxes pile up in the rain and many residential buildings – particularly those built back when people actually had to go to a store to shop – are running out of room for the never-ending barrage of deliveries.

The challenge has given rise to an entire industry that is racing to come up with technology that would make deliveries easier and more secure. 

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Where the Packages Go


As the flow of deliveries continues to increase, New York City residential buildings have implemented high-tech solutions.

Georgianna Oliver, the chief executive and founder of Package Concierge, a self-serve locker solution designed to automate the delivery of packages, said the biggest issue her customer base of apartment buildings in New York City faced was space constraint. “There’s nowhere for all the packages,” she said. In most cases, a hallway is the chosen spot for the locker system.

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Package Management - Pandora's Box

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Student housing companies are experimenting with different combinations of space and personnel as they try to figure out the best path forward in package management.

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