Package Concierge® Expands Leadership Team and Announces Predictions for Holiday Shipments

Innovator of Digital Locker Management Solution Reaches 25 Million Package Transactions

Today, Package Concierge®, the innovator of the automated locker system, is announcing significant company milestones, including that it has managed 25 million package transactions to-date, and now serves 346,000 residents nationwide. Fueled by its impressive growth, the company is also revealing it has expanded its leadership team, promoting its top sales performer, Regan Hartley, to national sales director.

“Having had a very successful five years at Package Concierge, Regan has a deep understanding of this industry and is the absolute best person to help lead our sales team into our next phase of growth,” said Georgianna W. Oliver, founder of Package Concierge. “We are experiencing explosive momentum this year, driven by the need for a superior solution for managing packages. We continue to focus on innovating our system to ensure it meets the needs of property owners in quality, design and usage, while also ensuring it is intuitive for consumers. And we are delivering. We have achieved 80 percent adoption rate of residents who sign-up to use the Package Concierge mobile app and services.”

With the biggest shipping season of the year on the horizon, multifamily housing communities must be prepared for the influx of packages headed their way. Last year, UPS estimated that it delivered about 750 million packages during the 2017 season. Moreover, data from Package Concierge shows there was a 10 percent increase in packages managed from the 2016 to the 2017 holiday season – and this year, the company anticipates it will manage over 125,000 packages every day between Black Friday and December 24.

To manage the growing need for its solution, Package Concierge has doubled staff in the operations, marketing, customer service and finance departments year over year.

“As the originator of the package management solution, Package Concierge is poised for big things and I’m thrilled to be part of the team that will continue to evolve our product line and bring it to more properties,” said Hartley.

Package Concierge is showcasing its technology at booth 627 at the upcoming NMHC OpTech Conference & Exposition in Orlando, FL. To learn more, please visit

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About Package Concierge®
Package Concierge® is the innovator of the digital locker system for apartment buildings. Made in America with design and cutting-edge technology at its core, Package Concierge is the highest-quality solution in the industry, as the only secure and seamlessly integrated system for 24/7 package management that also meets all fire and safety standards. From its intuitive mobile app to peer-to-peer shipping and returns, Package Concierge makes package management hassle-free for both residents and property managers. For more information, visit

Superstitions Amok: Friday the 13th Brings Out the Most Irrational of Fears

Some people are naturally superstitious. Others pay little attention to curses, hexes, jinxes, voodoo, broken mirrors, spilled salt, the occult or any misfortune causing force. But even the most non-superstitious individual takes pause at Friday the 13th, particularly when its October 13th. Let’s take a peek at the some of the notable and more bizarre superstitions that accompany the “holiday.”
Triskaidekaphobia: This is the fear of the No. 13 itself. It’s not surprising that many people shy away from the number.  It’s closely associated with the vastly successful Friday the 13th movie series and the omnipresent slashing knife of villain Jason Voorhees. What is surprising is that there is an actual term to describe this fear. Many shy away from 13 at all costs. Whether it’s avoiding it as a uniform number, opting against buying a house with the number in the address or just plain creeping out whenever they see it. Others, in a contrarian move, embrace the number and instead believe it offers good luck.
Fear of the day itself: According to a study by British publication Mirror, the 14th most common fear among Brits is “Worried about Friday the 13th approaching.” Avoiding the number 13 – ahem, triskaidekaphobia – ranked No. 15 and fear of the No. 666 ranked 17th. The top three on the list were walking under a ladder, knocking on wood and blessing someone after they sneeze. Ranking last on the list of 30 was never giving gloves as a present. Hmm.
Oh, and there’s actually a term for fear of Friday the 13th, too. Make sure to include it in your phone’s dictionary, because it’s probably not there: paraskevidekatriaphobia.
If you cut your hair on Friday the 13th, you will die: Perhaps that new style or trim can wait until the weekend. You know, just in case. Many also avoid beginning a trip on this day.  It’s a popular myth that if a funeral procession passes you on Friday the 13th, you will be the next to die. Others believe that any child born on Friday the 13th is essentially brought into the world under hex – as if that child had a choice.
While it’s difficult to point to the origin of Friday the 13th fears before pop culture exacerbated them, they have become a staple of society. According to National Geographic, behavioral scientist Jane Risen of University of Chicago Booth School of Business discovered that superstitions can even influence nonbelievers. Risen found many believe they can jinx themselves by talking about something, such as stating they’ll not get into a car wreck.
That, too, trends into pop culture. Baseball is the most superstitious of sports. Baseball players believe talking about a teammate’s no-hitter while it’s happening will undoubtedly jinx it. When the opposing team gets that first hit, blame is assigned to the player who brought it up. Watch out NY Yankees & Houston Astros in your game this evening….
Now go enjoy your day, if you dare. Remember the black cat that sauntered in front of you was no different than a tan dog doing the same. Just keep telling yourself that.

Top 10 Hidden Holidays You Need To Prepare For

We all know about how the winter holidays always lead to a profound uptick in the number of packages your residents are receiving. But as ecommerce continues to rise exponentially, there are so many other times throughout the year when package delivery may surge at your properties. Check out our list of “Top 10 Hidden Holidays” you need to be prepared for:

You can find anything you need on the world wide web for the hidden holidays.

    1. Super Bowl Sunday. Once your team is out, you frantically buy gear for your de facto team of choice (let’s just say my son now owns a Falcons sweatshirt). Besides, how else are you going to get all football themes napkins, bowls, plates, etc. the Super Bowl Party?!
    1. 100th Day of School. Yes, this is a thing and not something we made up. It’s mostly celebrated by younger students sometime in February, as schools have fun with the number 100. Many Pinterest-loving mothers are known to order craft items at this time, which can lead to a sneaky increase of packages in some circles.
    1. Valentine’s Day. That oversized Vermont Teddy Bear isn’t going to drive itself to your significant other’s home. And neither is that sparkling necklace or whatever else you’ve ordered to make sure you’re not the goat on the international day of love.
    1. Memorial Day. Everyone wants to get away for Memorial Day. But it’s even better to leave town with that new tent, new fishing supplies, new tarps and other camping accessories. Late May always leads to a package boom.
    1. Independence Day. Yes, it’s illegal to ship fireworks by mail, so we’re not even going to go that route. But it’s also the heart of barbecue season and summer house parties, which leads to an uptick in online ordering of wide-ranging supplies.
    1. Amazon Prime Day. The monster online retailer held its first holiday exclusively for its own “Prime” members in July 2015, predictably resulting in an online ordering frenzy. 2016’s Prime Day, which Amazon touted as “one-day-only global shopping event,” was even bigger. The retail giant has vowed to bring back Prime Day this year although an official date has not been announced. So what can we expect from this year’s Prime Day?! If it’s anything like last year when we saw more than a 30% increase in packages two days after Amazon Prime Day, it will be one of the biggest package delivery days EVER!
    1. Back to School. Mid- to late-August means back-to-school time. This can create a sizable package rush, particularly for student housing communities. College students are continuing to seek alternative methods to purchase textbooks, such as sites like Chegg and eCampus, rather than buying them for full price on campus.
    1. Labor Day. While Memorial Day unofficially signifies the beginning of summer, Labor Day serves as its end-of-summer counterpart. That means one last chance to escape the grind. It also means heavy discounts on outdoor merchandise as retailers look to make a push before camping season ends.
    1. Pre-Halloween. While it’s a given that packages will arrive in droves during the Christmas season, this holiday can creep up on you. Some even call it a pseudo-holiday because no one ever gets the day off for Halloween, but expect a full package room as people continually opt to purchase their costumes online.
    1. Home Events. As families convene, host homes don’t want to disappoint. While orders of kitchen and culinary supplies increase, families also commonly spruce up their homes to make a favorable impression on their visitors.

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What We’re Thankful for This Holiday Season


2015 has been a stellar year for Package Concierge. We reached a personal milestone of 1 million package transactions without a service call; we began developing industry leading technologies such as our mobile application and becoming the first locker solution to offer both shipping and returns; and we received major publicity through the Today Show on NBC. These accomplishments haven’t been easy but as a leader in our industry we strive to set standards and trends. We have A LOT to be thankful for and we wanted to share this with all of our partners and readers.

    • Our Momentum – 2015 was the year of building our momentum within the industry. Earlier this year, our presence in 18 states expanded to 24. This represents a 200% increase in our installations in the last 6 months! We are very thankful to be growing our footprint.
    • Our Staff – The Package Concierge staff, whether in the home office or located elsewhere, is the lifeblood of our business. Without their tireless dedication, Package Concierge wouldn’t have accomplished our previously mentioned growth. It’s not often that a company is fortunate enough to have employees who give their whole hearts to seeing a business thrive, and we know it. To our staff – Thank you very much.
    • Our Clients and Partners – In our last blog post, we thanked our partners and clients for believing in us, and we cannot say that enough. The business and opportunities we’ve developed together has been extremely beneficial to us, and we hope it has been for you as well. Let’s keep building together in 2016.

This year was full of accomplishment and growth for us. 2016 is going to be an even faster year and we’re already starting to build our New Year’s Resolutions (stay tuned for an upcoming blog). We’re setting our sights on bigger hopes and dreams for the New Year and we can’t wait to see what it brings. Until then, happy holidays from Package Concierge!

Five Best Tips from a Known Traveler.

Written by: Regan Hartley

As the brand and promotions manager for Package Concierge I am on the road 60% of the time. This can be great but it can also cause a lot of headaches. For some, traveling is exciting and for others it can be a real hassle. I have put together five simple steps to make the most out of your airport travel.

1. Buy airplane tickets around 3pm on Tuesdays. 

I can’t tell you why the prices are lower at this time, but they are! (TRUST ME).


2. World Mate will be your new favorite traveling buddy. 

When it comes to staying organized- this app rocks. I use this for all of my scheduled meetings, travel arrangements and hotel reservations. World Mate will help keep everything organized and easily accessible, making traveling a breeze.

wp7_newsletter.png3. Try to use the same airline.

I know I know... but what if its not the best deal and you could save $25.00?! Well… using the same airline will help rack up loyalty and mileage points- giving you those amazing upgrades and free trips!


4. Travel comfortably. 

Lets be real here… Sure the cute dress and high heels look great- but how great will you really look after 4+ hours of travel. Yoga pants and sneakers are the way to go. Bring a change of clothes in your carry on and after landing- run to the club or restroom to change. (Your mind and feet will thank you.)



    1. Travel Light. 

There is nothing worse than losing your baggage. Try to put everything you need in a carry-on so there is no chance your luggage will be left behind! It also makes it easy moving place to place!

Cute Carry On Bag

Most of all, breathe!

Keep watching our blog to see more fun articles just like this! Also, be sure to check out our website at

Keep Luck on Your Side: What Not to Ship

For luck, some people hold onto a four leaf clover, or rub a rabbit’s foot. Others try to keep luck on their side by hanging a horseshoe over their door, or wishing on a star. When it comes to shipping packages, you don’t need to rely on a double-sided coin or a ladybug landing on your nose to ensure your package ships. Create your own luck when sending packages by knowing what not to ship.

Food That Spoils Quickly- Cookies or fudge is a great treat to ship not only because its sweet but because it has a shelf-life that will last the journey from point A to point B.

Hazardous Materials– Anything that might pose a danger to the carrier or the recipient should not be shipped. It’s that simple.

Non-Indigenous Plants- Shipping plants to or from other distant places can be dangerous to the ecosystem. Bugs and other pests not native to the area can negatively impact the environment for years to come.

Irreplaceable Valuables- The quickest way to protect yourself is with insurance, but if you don’t want to shell out the extra cash, don’t ship something you don’t want to lose.

Most of these are common sense, but it bares repeating to ensure you don’t need to rely on luck. A lot of people hope for the best when mailing packages. Cross their fingers and ship it off. Today, the luckiest days on the calendar, is the best day to learn more about handling packages. If you keep yourself informed and double-check what you’re shipping then without a doubt you’ll keep luck on your side.

How to Reuse Package Boxes




boxWith e-commerce sales increasing, having a healthy stash of cardboard packages laying around your house or apartment has become a way of life.  Nearly everything you buy comes in a box and anything you ship through the delivery carriers will be in a box as well. That’s a whole lot of cardboard! Most people open their packages and discard the boxes, so we’ve thought up a few good ways to recycle that material:


Other Packages- The best way to reuse a package box is to send another package with it. All you need to do is save the box until you need it, but admittedly this might create clutter (Keep reading for some more creative ways to reuse these boxes).


Pretend Box- Another great use for the empty box is to give it to a child. This timeless outlet provides hours of entertainment and encourages them to use their imagination. Not sure how it works? Check out this clip from Spongebob.


Pet Bed- Cut off the top parts of the box and put an old cushion inside for your dog to use it as a bed. Or, cut a hole in the box and allow your cat to explore. Add a cushion and it becomes a feline hide-away.


Organizers- Leftover boxes can be used for all sorts of organizational purpose: drawer organizers, closet organizers or even under the bed organizers.


Child’s fort- Another fun idea for kids is to use these boxes to create a fort. In the living room, or outside on the lawn, boxes are a wonderful blank canvas for kids to play with.


Recycling Containers- Get your recyclables under control by using these leftover boxes to organize paper, plastic and metals.


Memory Box- For smaller boxes, decorate with collage materials and fill it with your memories. Ticket stubs, sticky notes, favorite coins and other objects that remind you of all the fun you’ve experienced.


Knowing these several ways to reuse your packages should help to reduce the waste of cardboard at least a little bit. One person changing their habits can make a difference. If you use these ideas, not only will you help recycle cardboard, but you will make your pets, your kids, your friends and even yourself happier.

Winter Packages


winterThe busiest week for package delivery is upon us, folks! Hundreds of millions of packages will be shipped in preparation for the upcoming holidays between December 16th and 20th this year. And, let’s not forget that the first official day of winter is not too far away. A new season means new types of seasonal packages. What will you most likely see in a winter package? Here’s just a few:

Gift Baskets- Berries, chocolates, popcorn, cheese and crackers—this season provides an opportunity for all sorts of gift baskets.


Coats- From the frigid north to the chilly south, the colder weather provides all the more reason to bundle up this season.


Electronics- The holiday-packed time of year brings big discounts across all electronics and as such, they are sold more during the winter than another other time.


Warming Accessories- Along with coats, people purchase boots, gloves, scarfs and hats to keep them warm.


Ice Scraper- Most places will get ice, if not snow, and as such, the ice scraper goes into high demand during the winter months.


Presents- Of course holiday presents are on the list, after all, consumers spend an average of $700 these gifts.


Starting with December holidays and stretching through New Years and Valentine’s Day, the winter package season is the most generous quarter of the year. It is also a prime time for friends and family to gather, exchange gifts or ship items to far away loved ones. Stay warm this winter season and enjoy all the wonderful gifts you give and receive.

Thank a Veteran

VeteransThis coming Monday, November 11th is Veteran’s Day. It’s the perfect time of year to give thanks to the people who serve our country and we’ve put together some ideas for how you can show your appreciation.

No matter how big or small, buying one meal can help get the veteran through the day with a smile.

Start the day off right by buying a veteran his or her morning coffee.

When you’re on public transportation, just like you would move for an elderly or handicapped citizen, offer your seat to someone who has served.

If you know a military family, offer to cook a few meals for them to get through busy days.

Writing a letter of thanks to someone in your family, a friend or a stranger just might make their day.

Have a bake sale in a veteran’s honor and give the proceeds to them or their family.

Many people open foundations for veterans or people who have been lost, think of donating to these types of charities.

These are all wonderful gestures you can make to show your gratitude and appreciation for the brave men and women who protect our country. Just remember, your thanks to veterans doesn’t need to stop with our ideas. Even the smallest of gestures will be cherished by service members, so use your imagination! Better yet, instead of showing veterans and active service members that you care on certain days in the year, make it a point to remember them throughout the year!

Photo credit to Love, Love, Laugh, Hope Blog

Holiday Package Preparation

christmasYes, it isn’t even Halloween yet. And yes, you should be thinking about the upcoming holiday season. Especially if you plan to ship gifts to your loved ones across the country or across the world. Given the way the calendar falls this year, the holiday season is compressed by one week. You can thank a late Thanksgiving and early Hanukah for that (Did you know they’re on the same day this year?). With one less weekend to shop for deals, that’s one less weekend to prepare your gift packages.

Don’t think it’s a big deal? Well, some of the biggest names in shipping sure do. Amazon plans to hire 70,000 season workers to handle the increased load this year.  That’s up 20,000 from 2012.

Fedex expects an 11% rise in Cyber Monday sales, thanks to the increase in online shopping, making December 2nd their anticipated busiest day of the year with 22 million packages shipped.

UPS also knows that because of the compressed holiday season, that they will be busier than ever. December 16th, UPS’s peak pick-up day will likely see 34 million packages and they’re hiring additional works to handle the load.


If you want to get ahead of the curve, what should you do?


Shop Early. Instead of waiting for December to roll around, head out to the stores now and get your shopping done to beat the rush.

Ship Early. If you’re packing a gift yourself, or buying on the web, it would be best to do it early. The sooner you get your presents out, the shorter the lines and the shorter the wait.

If you’re like most people and wait until the last minute, what should you do?


Cyber Monday Deals. Given the short shopping season, the online deals on Cyber Monday (December

2nd) will be worth the wait.


Last Minute Deals. Some companies offer last minute deals if you purchase much closer to Christmas (December 20th or later) such as 75% off the full price you might pay in November.

Whichever route you take, this holiday season is sure to be one of the busiest yet.