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Care Packages for the Military

This Memorial Day, in addition to attending parades or other celebratory events to honor people who have given their life to our country, why not spend some time putting together a care package for someone you know who is actively serving in our nations military? It’s the ideal way to remember the servicemen and women who have made an impact on our country while showing appreciation for those currently protecting our freedoms. If you don’t know someone personally, ask around. Surely you know another person who does. Here are some ideas for your package:

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Best Pets for Apartments

It’s no secret that owning a pet can help you de-stress after a long day at work or class, but finding the right pet for your apartment can be a bit more challenging. Certain animals require more attention and commitment than others, while some can more or less take care of themselves. So long as your apartment is pet friendly, there is an animal friend right for your situation.

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