San Diego Wrap-Up

We left for San Diego eager to talk about our locker system at the largest convention of the year, but not quite sure what to expect. When we showed at the NAA Student Housing conference in Vegas this winter, the booth was flooded with visitors. With that in mind, we were still amazed by the growing interest in what we have to offer and how busy our San Diego exposition was. From open to close we had people to talk to.058

Some visitors told us their properties receive hundreds of packages a day and that they’re spending upwards of $500 a month on reimbursing lost packages. They also shared that packages are constantly not delivered or taken from doorsteps when the location is not secure. Management folks kept reminding us that they’re overwhelmed with the increasing amount of deliveries being made and are unsure of how to organize their mail rooms. Luckily, we’re here to solve those very concerns.

With our simple four step solution, delivery carriers can drop off packages without assistance from management. The property managers will have peace of mind that their resident’s packages are safe and secure. On a 24/7 basis, the residents will have convenient access to the durable, state of the art system and their overall satisfaction will improve. With Package Concierge, everyone wins.

086Our favorite part of the two day show was that it was accompanied by the praises of friends and complete strangers. On top of all the encouraging words, we made some great connections with property managers who will be some of the people we help over the next six months by implementing our pilot program at their locations. If you were at the show, or just want to learn more about us, send us an email or call our toll free number to discover how our solution will work for you!

Popular Summer Packages

The season of lemonade, pool parties and heat waves has arrived sooner than expected for most of the country. Even though the heat can be hard to beat, summer is a wonderful season because of its ability to bring people together. Neighbors, friends and family spend more time outside and are given the chance to mingle and enjoy the company of others on a sunny day. It’s also the time of year when the focus in people’s shipping needs shifts into fair-weather gear. Here are some popular packages sent out during summer months:


Father’s Day Gifts– Every dad is one of a kind. And even though there are some typical presents to award the one in your life, such as sports memorabilia, work ties, or golf clubs, the best gifts always come from the heart.

Graduation Gifts– Whether its preschool or college, the early summer is rife with celebrations for those closing a chapter in their life. Grade level or school themed presents can be great, but the ones most often sent involve money.

Grilling Accessories– All great summer cookouts are centered on a grill. To make the most of the event, any good griller will be knee deep in accessories whether they’re to assist in the process or to ultimately be eaten.

Beachwear– This goes without saying that a popular group of summer items that are shipped about involve the beach. Sunglasses, towels, bathing suits and other fun surf stuff top the list.

Cooling Systems– If you live in a humid or temperate climate, you’ve likely run into the last minute buying of an air conditioner or a fan to help keep you cool during the summer heat.

These noteworthy summer items are packaged up and shipped a lot during the hottest months of the year. Now that we’ve shifted into school vacation and sometimes work vacation mode, expect to see a lot of grads and dads out there grilling on the beach.

Checklist for Moving Out

Whether you’re moving out of an apartment or leaving your school dorm for the summer, there are several things you must not forget. We thought it would be helpful to compile a checklist for anyone who is currently moving or might be in the future so that you feel confident everything you need is accounted for:

  1. Throw Aways: Some junk doesn’t need to go to your new place of residence. It might have worked at your old apartment, or maybe it was just there to hold the table up, but the first step to moving out is throwing away what won’t go with you.
  2. Package by Room: When you’re packing your belongings, it’s best to keep everything from one room together so when you unpack later, objects don’t go missing.
  3. Package by Contents: You can stay even more organized if you package your room boxes by contents. If something is fragile, sharp or dense, keep it together.
  4. Clean It: Once you’re life is packed away in boxes, clean everything in the space you lived: the floors, the walls, the carpets, the kitchen and bathroom. Anything that might have gotten dirty while you lived there.
  5. Take Pictures: Before you vacate the premises, take pictures of the apartment or dorm to ensure that you document the state of any and all property. This will give you a safety net if you are blamed for any damages you didn’t cause.
  6. Return Keys: Finally, return your keys to your landlord or adviser.

Change IS a good thing and with this checklist, you are sure to transition easily from one lovely home to the next.