Myths About Packages

packagesBetween FedEx and UPS, nearly 25 Million packages were shipped each day in 2012. That’s half a million going to each state—day in and day out. With that many packages traveling across the country and even more internationally, it’s no wonder myths about shipping packages pop up everywhere. We’ve collected some of the biggest package myths and have put the rumors to rest. Here’s the truth:

Shipping in More Boxes Saves Money: If you have several items to ship, the myth is that packaging them separately will save you money. Unfortunately that’s not true. Since delivery carriers charge the most for your first pound, you would end up spending more by splitting up what could be in a single package.

Mail Doesn’t Move on Sunday: If you mail something at the end of the week, or on Saturday, people assume their package will take an extra day or so to ship. In reality, mail never stops moving. Sunday is a work day for package carriers and what you send at the end of the week, will be there Monday morning.

Smaller is Cheaper: Since weight is a factor in shipments, it makes sense that the lighter the object, the cheaper the package. However, because the first pound is the most expensive pound (as previously mentioned), a small package can set you back just as easily.

Insurance Isn’t Worth It: When sending packages, people think paying for insurance is a waste of money. Where in fact, it is best for you to ensure the safety of your shipment no matter where you send it. Also some food for thought, UPS and FedEx cover the first $100 value of your package free.

Go Big or Go Home: If you need to ship something, the rumor says that it’s best to use the big companies—that they’re bigger, better and all around more trustworthy. You can certainly use the big brand name locations, but the hometown shipping companies are just as cost effective.

With this brand new knowledge, you can go about your shipping needs feeling confident that you can add as many packages to that 25 Million a day as you want.

Do and Don’t’s for Pets In Apartments

It’s no secret that pets help alleviate stress and they can add years to your life. They are our unflinching friends and the confidantes that keep all our secrets. If your apartment doesn’t allow furry friends, we’re sure you’ve probably had some fish or a lizard at some point. However, if your apartment does permit the higher maintenance pets, you must be sure to follow the unspoken rules of pet owning. Don’t know them? Here’s a simple list of Do’s and Don’ts to abide by:



  • Clean Up- Whether inside your apartment or outside, be sure to clean up after your pets’ mess. Whether they’ve ripped apart a stuffed bear or left presents on the apartment sidewalk, do your part to keep things clean.
  • Give Them Space- No matter the size of your pet, be sure they have adequate space within your apartment: space to move around, sleep and have some fun. In small living quarters, maybe this means designating an area especially for them.
  • Provide Activities- Since there isn’t a great big lawn outside your door for your dog to play or your cat to stalk squirrels, you need to offer toys within your apartment that will not only entertain your beloved pet, but protect your belongings from the effects of boredom.


  • Leave Them For Hours- Surely you have work or other obligations that keep you from your apartment for hours on end, but be mindful of this time frame. Have a neighbor check in on your pet if possible, or take them with you if the venue allows it.
  • Overcrowd- If you’re concerned about your pet being bored, really think over the idea of getting another pet before doing it. Overcrowding an apartment can actually increase your pets stress levels, never mind your own.
  • Forget Fresh Air- It’s easy to forget that your pet needs some fresh air, just like you. Walk your dog often. Leave windows open for your cats or rabbits (with the screen on, of course). If you have a balcony and it’s secure enough, you could even encourage your pets to go out every now and then.


Having pets is a big responsibility and that doubles when you are keeping them inside an apartment. To maintain your happiness and your pets happiness, follow these do’s and don’ts to ensure everyone’s wellbeing throughout your time in the apartment together.