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Myths About Packages

Between FedEx and UPS, nearly 25 Million packages were shipped each day in 2012. That’s half a million going to each state—day in and day out. With that many packages traveling across the country and even more internationally, it’s no wonder myths about shipping packages pop up everywhere. We’ve collected some of the biggest package myths and have put the rumors to rest. Here’s the truth:

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Do and Don’t’s for Pets In Apartments

It’s no secret that pets help alleviate stress and they can add years to your life. They are our unflinching friends and the confidantes that keep all our secrets. If your apartment doesn’t allow furry friends, we’re sure you’ve probably had some fish or a lizard at some point. However, if your apartment does permit the higher maintenance pets, you must be sure to follow the unspoken rules of pet owning. Don’t know them? Here’s a simple list of Do’s and Don’ts to abide by:

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