Popular Fall Packages

There’s a distinct crispness to the air as we turn from hot and humid to a mild and comfortable atmosphere of the Autumn season. Any day now, leaves will begin to change just as the days grow shorter. Kids will flock to apple orchards and pumpkin fields as the rest of the family prepares for upcoming holidays. For some, it is their favorite season and the popular packages of this time of year show why:


Sweaters- The seasonal clothing of choice for men, women and children is the sweater. It’s the perfect layering garment that can be added to warm up through a cold day, or take off when the sun returns at full force.


Pies- With pumpkins and apples in season, the purchasing of pie skyrockets in the Fall. For some people, these delicious treats aren’t available locally and must be shipped to their location. For others, they simply have a favorite baker’s goods they can’t live without.


Bulbs- Flowers, trees and shrubs are cheapest in the Fall. And for people looking to get a head start on their spring gardens, this is the best time to order flower bulbs.


Halloween Costumes- For the expert costumer, sometimes the local stores just don’t cut it. Children, teens and parents alike seek the best and most unique Halloween costume to be the talk of the town. And sometimes, those are only available online.


Turkeys- In several weeks, the American tradition of Thanksgiving will bring families together and also increase mail order turkey sales. Anyone can buy anything on the internet these days and food is no exception. For the perfect holiday meal, some people get their turkeys shipped in.

These Fall packages showcase what is most important during the changing season. And in most cases, as it comes down to it, family is the center of these packages. People are preparing for meals and good times with their loved ones.

5 Great Cities for Green Apartment Living

The progress society has made in terms of eco-friendly technology and building standards mean that more people are seeking ways to live green and have a smaller footprint on the environment. One of the ways you can help the environment is to live in green apartments when seeking a home in a city or urban area. Every city is working in its own way to make the Earth a better place for future generations, but there are a few that stand out above the rest. Although there are green apartment sand for-rent communities throughout the U.S., these 5 cities (in no particular order) have high concentrations of green-built communities, and go the distance in making it easier for you to live green.

Washington, DC:

Washington, DC is where the U.S. Green Building Council (the nonprofit that created and oversees LEED certification) is headquartered. That alone gives this city an edge. With at least seven apartment communities in the area that have achieved LEED certification by being built with sustainable construction materials, recycling waste material, and choosing fixtures to reduce the amount of fumes and toxins released into the air, DC is a great place to be involved in the green movement.


Denver has a lot to choose from when looking to rent green. Many apartment buildings have been renovated from old industrial locations and given unique decor themes for the community. These projects help cut down on wasted materials and green-house gases that construction equipment releases into the atmosphere.

The city also offers light rail and bus service, plentiful farmers markets, and is located near the natural beauty of the Rockies. Forbes also named Denver the number 5 top healthiest city in the U.S. If that doesn’t convince you, perhaps you should visit the majestic mountain city for yourself.


Going green in Chicago is a city-wide effort. Not only do they have the country’s second-largest public transit system, but they also initiated green roof projects, encouraged hotels, and restaurants to go green and have a myriad of green places for rent.

The previous and current mayors of Chicago have also shown great support for the Chicago Climate Action Plan, an initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. The city also hosts the Chicago Center for Green Technology, the first rehabilitated municipal building in the U.S. to achieve LEED Platinum rating.


Portland is, in general, a great place to live green. Those who want to rent have a wide range of eco-friendly options. Beyond recycling and energy-efficient appliances, many apartment buildings in Portland were built green from the ground up and are LEED certified. Many green communities also have bike storage and car-share options, like ZipCar.

In addition to its green apartment communities, Portland also has a focus on locally grown food, a vibrant public transit system, and was rated number two on Virgin Vacation’s “11 Most Bike Friendly Cities in the World” list.

New York City:

Everyone knows New York is a place unlike any other. Its architecture is iconic, and believe it or not, much of it is also green! Through the 2000s, multiple laws have been signed into effect in NYC to ensure many new construction projects meet green guidelines, including apartment and condo buildings. New York City is also home to Melrose Commons, one of the few LEED for Neighborhood Development Platinum certified neighborhoods in the country.

Even the Empire State Building achieved LEED Gold certification in September 2011, a great example of green retrofitting of existing buildings.

Surely, one of these five great cities has a green apartment ready for you to rent!