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Holiday Package Preparation

Yes, it isn’t even Halloween yet. And yes, you should be thinking about the upcoming holiday season. Especially if you plan to ship gifts to your loved ones across the country or across the world. Given the way the calendar falls this year, the holiday season is compressed by one week. You can thank a late Thanksgiving and early Hanukah for that (Did you know they’re on the same day this year?). With one less weekend to shop for deals, that’s one less weekend to prepare your gift packages.

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How to Use Renewable Energy in Your Apartment

Generally, apartment dwellers don’t typically get to choose their electricity provider. Whatever company is in the building they lease at is their provider through and through. So for the energy conscious out there, how do you help the environment when you can't choose your energy source? After all, there is a whole slew of renewable energy out there. Why not use it? If you’re a renewable energy enthusiast, as we all should be, but rent in a community that does not use  any of these solutions, here's how you can play your part in helping the environment:

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College Care Packages

By now, it’s been several weeks since college students have returned to school and for most, it might be several weeks more before their doting parents get to see them again. The solution to this is simple. Send a care package! If you’re not sure what to include in your college care package, we can help. Here’s a great list of fun and practical items your college student will be happy to receive:

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Affordable Apartment Cities

In a tight economy, everyone is looking to pinch pennies where they can, but more often than not, the place you live isn’t something you can compromise. Did you know that 35% (NMHC) of the US population rents? That’s a big number! And a lot of those renters are living in apartments. So why not make the most of your renting experience and enjoy affordable and comfortable living quarters?

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