How to Reuse Package Boxes




boxWith e-commerce sales increasing, having a healthy stash of cardboard packages laying around your house or apartment has become a way of life.  Nearly everything you buy comes in a box and anything you ship through the delivery carriers will be in a box as well. That’s a whole lot of cardboard! Most people open their packages and discard the boxes, so we’ve thought up a few good ways to recycle that material:


Other Packages- The best way to reuse a package box is to send another package with it. All you need to do is save the box until you need it, but admittedly this might create clutter (Keep reading for some more creative ways to reuse these boxes).


Pretend Box- Another great use for the empty box is to give it to a child. This timeless outlet provides hours of entertainment and encourages them to use their imagination. Not sure how it works? Check out this clip from Spongebob.


Pet Bed- Cut off the top parts of the box and put an old cushion inside for your dog to use it as a bed. Or, cut a hole in the box and allow your cat to explore. Add a cushion and it becomes a feline hide-away.


Organizers- Leftover boxes can be used for all sorts of organizational purpose: drawer organizers, closet organizers or even under the bed organizers.


Child’s fort- Another fun idea for kids is to use these boxes to create a fort. In the living room, or outside on the lawn, boxes are a wonderful blank canvas for kids to play with.


Recycling Containers- Get your recyclables under control by using these leftover boxes to organize paper, plastic and metals.


Memory Box- For smaller boxes, decorate with collage materials and fill it with your memories. Ticket stubs, sticky notes, favorite coins and other objects that remind you of all the fun you’ve experienced.


Knowing these several ways to reuse your packages should help to reduce the waste of cardboard at least a little bit. One person changing their habits can make a difference. If you use these ideas, not only will you help recycle cardboard, but you will make your pets, your kids, your friends and even yourself happier.

Packages for College Prep


The holidays have passed and college students are returning to their studies. This means a whirlwind of packing, shipping, travel and other items to check off the to-do list. Before making the journey, remember that there are certain essentials any college student needs when going back to dorms or student housing for the spring semester. We’ve skipped some of the more obvious items—pens, backpacks and the like—and put together a checklist (of sorts) to make it easier for you to prepare:

·         An extra hoodie (or two) for those long morning classes


·         An alarm clock with snooze and extra alarm functions


·         Vitamins and supplements to get you through the inevitable colds


·         Chocolate bars for that extra boost while studying


·         Soups, easy mac and frozen meals


·         Extra toiletries to replace the ones that go missing


·         Hats, gloves and an umbrella to get you through the weather


·         A reusable water bottle to bring to class


       These ideas are great ways to start the semester off on the right foot, but really, the list could be endless. College students require so much these days to get them through school, so we’ll make it easier for you to collect the necessities in one simple step! Check out these great companies that cater to students with some amazing care packages: – An eco-friendly company with a large variety of on-the-spot packages to purchase. They have a unique cylinder package and give-back philosophy that really sets them apart! – The big orange box of incredible goodies can be delivered monthly to your dorm and it’s a great way for your family to show that they care—hint, hint! – As another company with an animal mascot, we can’t help but love pijonbox and their mission to offer great monthly boxes as well as a store filled with all their treats!


Have you received one of these awesome college care packages? Show us your photos! And if you know of other great services, let us know about them 🙂