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Green Spring Cleaning

Whether you like to keep things neat and tidy, or you are the “I’ll get to it later” type, eventually, we all must clean our living space. Let’s face it, apartments big and small get cluttered over the winter. Everyone packs things away, waiting for the good weather to return and when it does–it’s time to clean! But that can be a daunting task especially since it requires using so many chemicals. Chemicals that smell. Chemicals that stain. Chemicals that just aren’t good for you or the environment.

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Keep Luck on Your Side: What Not to Ship

For luck, some people hold onto a four leaf clover, or rub a rabbit’s foot. Others try to keep luck on their side by hanging a horseshoe over their door, or wishing on a star. When it comes to shipping packages, you don’t need to rely on a double-sided coin or a ladybug landing on your nose to ensure your package ships. Create your own luck when sending packages by knowing what not to ship.

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Best Student Housing Amenities

When deciding between schools, many students narrow down their choices based on the amenities across campus and more specifically, in student housing. As universities and colleges tend towards the more tech savvy crowd, the demand from students to stay current continues to grow. Many amenities are chosen by necessity such as televisions or mobile apps, but some are added to keep student housing convenient,  luxurious and enjoyable for the young residents.

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