Green Spring Cleaning

Whether you like to keep things neat and tidy, or you are the “I’ll get to it later” type, eventually, we all must clean our living space. Let’s face it, apartments big and small get cluttered over the winter. Everyone packs things away, waiting for the good weather to return and when it does–it’s time to clean! But that can be a daunting task especially since it requires using so many chemicals. Chemicals that smell. Chemicals that stain. Chemicals that just aren’t good for you or the environment.

Over the past few years, green cleaning products have soared in popularity and availability. If you’re not already using them, next time you reach for a bottle of floor cleaner or dish soap at the store, there are many options for Earth-friendly cleaning. Check for local brands first, but there are several big-name brands that can be found in most stores and are available just in time for spring cleaning!

Mrs. Meyers:cleaning1

With adorable retro packaging, and inspired by a real mother of nine, Mrs. Meyers cleaning and scent products are all natural and environmentally friendly. Plus they come in a variety of aromatherapeutic scents (the lavender is amazing!)

Simple Green:

As the leader in environmentally-friendly, high quality cleaning products, Simple Green leads the green market by offering a long list of products for different surfaces and purposes.

Seventh Generation:

One of the larger brands in green cleaning, Seventh Generation has a huge product range, including all types of cleaners as well as personal care products. Prices are typically comparable to standard brands and you’re sure to feel better buying these.

cleaning3Green Works:

Green Works is the natural arm of the Clorox cleaners family. Also well-priced, and focusing more on household cleaning, these products work well in removing a variety of stains and are typically 95 percent or more natural.

These, and plenty other brands of green cleaning products are easy to find, and a super simple way to be kind to the planet.

Keep Luck on Your Side: What Not to Ship

For luck, some people hold onto a four leaf clover, or rub a rabbit’s foot. Others try to keep luck on their side by hanging a horseshoe over their door, or wishing on a star. When it comes to shipping packages, you don’t need to rely on a double-sided coin or a ladybug landing on your nose to ensure your package ships. Create your own luck when sending packages by knowing what not to ship.

Food That Spoils Quickly- Cookies or fudge is a great treat to ship not only because its sweet but because it has a shelf-life that will last the journey from point A to point B.

Hazardous Materials– Anything that might pose a danger to the carrier or the recipient should not be shipped. It’s that simple.

Non-Indigenous Plants- Shipping plants to or from other distant places can be dangerous to the ecosystem. Bugs and other pests not native to the area can negatively impact the environment for years to come.

Irreplaceable Valuables- The quickest way to protect yourself is with insurance, but if you don’t want to shell out the extra cash, don’t ship something you don’t want to lose.

Most of these are common sense, but it bares repeating to ensure you don’t need to rely on luck. A lot of people hope for the best when mailing packages. Cross their fingers and ship it off. Today, the luckiest days on the calendar, is the best day to learn more about handling packages. If you keep yourself informed and double-check what you’re shipping then without a doubt you’ll keep luck on your side.

Best Student Housing Amenities

When deciding between schools, many students narrow down their choices based on the amenities across campus and more specifically, in student housing. As universities and colleges tend towards the more tech savvy crowd, the demand from students to stay current continues to grow. Many amenities are chosen by necessity such as televisions or mobile apps, but some are added to keep student housing convenient,  luxurious and enjoyable for the young residents.


Architects and designers are keeping this in mind when constructing new buildings. A community with more to offer will likely draw millennial students toward that school over another. Wondering what are some of the latest and greatest amenities topping the charts? Here are a few:

Larger Apartments: Micro-units might be a hot trend in urban areas, but 27% of students report that the size of the apartment factors into their desire to live there or not.

Study Rooms: While college is a place for fun, it is also a place for learning and these academic focused rooms rank second overall in importance to students.

Cyber Cafes: While a location to work and get a snack or drink isn’t as important as a study room, students still desire these spaces in their apartments.

Theaters: The peak of luxury for some is having a small scale theater in their building or union to enjoy the latest feature films.

Bike Racks: Millennials have a growing environmentally conscious attitude and seek out ways to stay green– riding bikes to class being one option, and as such, they will need a place to store them.

Convenient Transportation: Whether the apartment is on campus or off, students enjoy having convenient modes of transport to get them to class and other area venues especially considering nearly half of students want to live within two miles of campus.

What will be the next big student housing amenity? We don’t have a crystal ball, but given students desire to go-paperless and their interest in self-service kiosk, we can only see a trend emerging. Couple these wishes along with the increased usage of online shopping and the small, untidy mail rooms or offices at these communities, we can venture to guess that it won’t be long before on and off-campus housing begins to eye a simpler way to handle packages.


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