Five Best Tips from a Known Traveler.

Written by: Regan Hartley

As the brand and promotions manager for Package Concierge I am on the road 60% of the time. This can be great but it can also cause a lot of headaches. For some, traveling is exciting and for others it can be a real hassle. I have put together five simple steps to make the most out of your airport travel.

1. Buy airplane tickets around 3pm on Tuesdays. 

I can’t tell you why the prices are lower at this time, but they are! (TRUST ME).


2. World Mate will be your new favorite traveling buddy. 

When it comes to staying organized- this app rocks. I use this for all of my scheduled meetings, travel arrangements and hotel reservations. World Mate will help keep everything organized and easily accessible, making traveling a breeze.

wp7_newsletter.png3. Try to use the same airline.

I know I know... but what if its not the best deal and you could save $25.00?! Well… using the same airline will help rack up loyalty and mileage points- giving you those amazing upgrades and free trips!


4. Travel comfortably. 

Lets be real here… Sure the cute dress and high heels look great- but how great will you really look after 4+ hours of travel. Yoga pants and sneakers are the way to go. Bring a change of clothes in your carry on and after landing- run to the club or restroom to change. (Your mind and feet will thank you.)



    1. Travel Light. 

There is nothing worse than losing your baggage. Try to put everything you need in a carry-on so there is no chance your luggage will be left behind! It also makes it easy moving place to place!

Cute Carry On Bag

Most of all, breathe!

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A happy resident is a loyal resident!

When choosing what apartment building to live in there are numerous factors that come into play- cost, location, quality, square footage, amenities, you name it!

In a recent survey by NMHC, Residents were asked to select a level of interest in various community amenities. Package management came in second just under fitness centers!

NMHC Recent Study

There are numerous reasons why the investment in an innovative locker system makes sense but my personal favorite is the increase in customer satisfaction. Like the title suggests, a happy resident is a loyal one. Show your community that you care about their time and their security.

Look at what a happy resident had to say about the Package Concierge locker system for package management.

“In March of this year I had to make a decision if I would remain in my apartment in Stamford, CT. When I analyzed all the prices vs. space vs. amenities it was pretty much a draw between several options. However, the tipping point to stay in my current location was definitely the Package Concierge service. As a frequent business traveler who often goes in early or works late, I’m simply not available to pick up a package at home or commit to a rigid pickup times- Who is ever home between 9-5? Without a service like this I’m stuck driving to the local UPS or USPS office on a Saturday with the little bit of free time I have. Package Concierge changed all that, now I pick it up at my convenience in the lobby of my building. I’ve been using the service for 3 months, while planning a wedding and ordering online extensively. The system has been a lifesaver.”

-Jonathan W.

Resident at ParcGrove- Stamford, CT.