The essentials when watching the BIG GAME!

Fall is finally here!

You know what that means- the leaves change color, the weather gets cooler and you guessed it… the Football season finally starts! As a Boston based company here at Package Concierge its only natural that the we are all huge New England Patriots fans! (Go PATS!)

When hosting a gathering to watch the big game, be sure to remember these five essential must haves!

1. A TV

The bigger, the better. Enough said.


2. Team Spirit 

Encourage your guests to wear their favorite team’s colors.

3. Beer

Beer and football go together like coffee and Monday morning. You can’t have one without the other.

4. Food

Food makes everyone happy. Even fans of the losing team… well.. ok not really!

Be sure to have plenty of items to snack on during the game. Sounds expensive? Encourage your guests to bring their favorite dish to share!


5. Seating

Arguably, the most important but often overlooked- everyone should be comfortable with a nice view of the TV!

Did we miss something? Be sure to comment below and share your must haves!