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The Security and Safety of Package Concierge

The mission behind Package Concierge isn’t just about providing a convenient solution to package management; it’s also about providing a solution that is safe and secure. When your packages are in one of our systems, it’s important to know that the highest quality hardware and software are storing your deliveries. In this blog, we’d like to briefly touch upon the security features in our lockers that keep your packages safe awaiting your retrieval.

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What Apartment Renters Want

Let’s face it. The world of multifamily is changing faster than ever and the needs of residents change as well. This isn’t a bad thing at all! The National Multifamily Housing Council in conjunction with Kingsley Associates recently put together a very insightful infographic highlighting the changes and trends in communities nationwide. You may be surprised by some of the findings!

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Client Spotlight: Midtown Green Apartments

This year, Package Concierge will showcase a few of our clients and how we’ve been able to work together in solving their package management needs. For our first client spotlight blog, we’re highlighting the luxurious Midtown Green Apartments, a beautiful apartment community embracing a perfect blend of Southern charm and modern sophistication.

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Package Concierge’s 3 New Year’s Resolutions

Where does the time go? Time flies, and while 2015 was chock full of excitement and accomplished milestones, we have plans to make 2016 even bigger! New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for individuals; we’ve set some company goals at Package Concierge that we’re working towards everyday. Here they are in no particular order:

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