Live Streaming: The New Multifamily Marketing

Live Streaming Your Way To Multifamily Success.

Live Streaming

Marketing is the key to gaining momentum for any business. With the advent of social media, marketing has gotten easier but at the same time harder. Sure, anyone can blast out messages on Twitter and Facebook, but it’s important to take the competition in consideration. If they’re using the same channels as you with similar messages, how are you standing out from the noise? The short answer is you probably aren’t. But that’s ok because new channels are popping up at a pace quicker than people realize. Enter social media’s next big thing: live streaming. Live streaming is recording and broadcasting in real time for the world to see. We’re not talking about Vine or Snapchat, where recorded footage is uploaded then viewed. This new format is in its infancy; meaning if you get on now you’ll have the competitive edge. And the best part is they’re simple to use and integrate with your current accounts! The only limits are your imagination.

For those in the multifamily industry, imagine live streaming a community event. By live streaming, you’re showing viewers the community and property on a personal level. Who knows, potential residents may watch to gather insights. If the event is a success and looks appealing, it might be enough to get them in the leasing office! Or what about live streaming those property renovations for a bit? If a potential resident is watching, this demonstrates a commitment to keeping the property and community in shape. The marketing possibilities are truly endless with this new form of social media. So are you ready to start but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

    • Facebook – In December of 2015, Facebook introduced its live video feature. The “Live” option rolled out to celebrities and public figures first, but now anyone can use it. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says: “Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world.” And with a user base of 1.5 billion people, imagine the content you can create.
    • Periscope – Launched on March 26, 2015, Periscope was one of the first in the space. The company recently celebrated their first year and provided some staggering data. In the first year, Periscope had 200 million broadcasts and 110 years of content watched live EVERY DAY! The best part is Twitter owns Periscope, making integration into your current account painless.
    • Meerkat – Making its debut shortly before Periscope, Meerkat integrates with Facebook and Twitter. But as of two weeks ago, Meerkat has started to change focus. Stiff competition with Facebook and Periscope has forced Meerkat to shift gears. The company has been silent about the app’s new direction but CEO Ben Rubin says Meerkat will be a social network where “everybody is always live.” Keep your eyes on this exciting new direction.

Live streaming is going to play a big role in social media marketing. If you’re trying to get the world to know how awesome your community is, this is a great way show them what you’re made of. With a little creativity, you can easily show the masses why your community isn’t like any other. So get ready, it’s time to go live!

Client Spotlight: The JBG Companies (Part 2)

The JBG Companies: Multifamily Done Right.


Welcome back to the second part of our two-part series spotlighting the JBG Companies. For part one, please check out last week’s blog.

Galvan at TwinbrookJBG

With its industrial-modern design, the Galvan at Twinbrook is a hub for urban energy. With direct access to Twinbrook Metro station and on-site Zipcar, getting around couldn’t be easier. If you need to stay close to home, get your groceries at the Safeway downstairs or go shopping at Ethan Allen. A Resort-style swimming pool with sun shelf, four landscaped courtyards, and a Package Concierge are just a few of the amenities. “Get In and Get It All” with the Galvan at Twinbrook.

Dominion Towers JBG

Overlooking the nation’s capital from Arlington VA, the Dominion Towers are close to everywhere you want to go. These newly renovated apartments offer views of the Army Navy Golf Course and surrounding monuments. With the recent update, Dominion Towers also took the time to boost their amenities. A Package Concierge, a convenience store on the terrace level, and enhanced landscaping offer make a life of leisure a reality. If Arlington is where you’re headed, the Dominion Tower Apartments is a community you need to see.


The TeranoJBG

The Terano is where urban convenience and nature’s serenity collide. Located around the corner from its sister community the Alaire and across the way from the Galvan, the Terano stands out on its own. The 8 two-level lofts with exposed brick wall and 20-foot ceilings is just one example. The amenities encourage the outdoors: an elevated pool, a pedestrian friendly environment, and on-site retail. But don’t worry, a Package Concierge will hold your deliveries until you get back. Look at the Terano for an upscale yet down to earth living experience.

Notch 8JBG

Experience luxury apartment living in Alexandria, VA with all the stops pulled out at Notch 8. Notch 8 doesn’t skimp on features; the apartments even have Nest learning thermostats! A Giant Food grocery store with Starbucks and PNC Bank on-site lets residents run their errands without leaving home. Amenities include a state of the art game room, amazing outdoor gathering spaces, and even a bike maintenance workbench with tools. To top off the list, a Package Concierge fits right into this tech savvy community. At Notch 8, life doesn’t stop when you come home, it picks up.


The JBG Companies know how to do multifamily for the next century. The properties we’ve covered in this series are just a few examples of how JBG challenges the extra ordinary and only settles for extraordinary. It’s been nothing but a pure thrill to take part in this ideology and we’re excited about the opportunities ahead for us both. Thank you for taking the time to read and who knows, maybe you just discovered your next community!

Client Spotlight: The JBG Companies

The JBG Companies: Multifamily Done Right.

JBG Logo

Good partnerships are hard to come by. Since the beginning, we’ve been lucky to align ourselves with forward thinking organizations. These groups aren’t just leaders within multifamily, they’re true innovators. This year, we’ve made strides to showcase these partnerships through our “Client Spotlight” series. The series has displayed properties with Package Concierge systems and has received positive feedback. Today, we take it a step further and not only showcase a property but a series of properties under the same roof. In our first two-part series, we showcase the JBG Companies (JBG for short) a premier developer and a firm with eyes set to the future of our industry.

JBG has been changing the landscape of multifamily for over 50 years. Despite their growth and longevity, JBG hasn’t lost touch. If there’s an award one can win, JBG already has. They put communities first and display this mission on their website: “JBG believes that each development we undertake should enrich a community. We are dedicated to developing active, sustainable communities, advancing affordable housing and promoting public art.” Who wouldn’t want to team up with a company with these values? Our partnership with JBG has been a great experience and we look forward to our future together. So without further ado, here is part one of our spotlight.

The Gale EckingtonJBG Gale

Set in the thriving streets of D.C. the Gale is a central social hub, offering unparalleled access to the best of Eckington and NoMa. Its location lends itself well to walking, biking, and transit so nothing is far from reach. The amenities aren’t anything to balk at either; with a screening room, courtyard parks, and two pools, who says you have to leave for fun? And with an on-site Package Concierge, staying close to home couldn’t be easier. Check out the Gale Eckington for an exclusive D.C. experience.

JBG Gale

Kennedy RowJBG Kennedy Row

This newer community resides in one of America’s most historic neighborhoods. That being said, Kennedy Row claims the very first Package Concierge installation and has flawlessly served the community ever since. Being right in the middle of everywhere you’d want to be, you’re minutes away from it all. Metro access is right outside your door just in case your needs aren’t around the corner. Residents enjoy fulfilling amenities: an on-site fitness center, underground parking, and a Package Concierge. Sound like your next community? Jump over to their site to see just how quickly you can get around.


The AlaireJBG Alaire

Located in Rockville, M.D., the Alaire takes pride in their lifestyle services for every resident. On-site retail and dining is a huge asset to the Alaire since a day in D.C. can be exhausting! Key amenities are a Package Concierge, KICK fitness center, and electric vehicle charging stations. If you need to be in D.C. but the thought of living inside the city limits keeps you up at night, the Alaire is your answer.


Falkland ChaseJBG Falkland

Set in the lush vegetation of Silver Springs, M.D., Falkland Chase makes D.C. seem miles away. Shopping and entertainment are around the corner so residents seeking R&R can do so. Falkland Chase offers easy access to both Metro and the beltway, so getting around is easy! A well-equipped fitness center, a Package Concierge, and beautifully landscaped grounds make living easy and comfortable. If you’d like to live close to D.C. without realizing it, Falkland Chase is where it’s at.


Thanks for reading! We’ll see you next week for the conclusion of our two-part series covering the JBG Companies.

What Makes An Amenity Awesome?


An Amenity Today Means Residents Tomorrow.

The world of multifamily is competitive. With diverse communities duking it out for residents, location (while important) isn’t enough. That’s where amenities make all the difference. Amenities can be a true differentiator when a market is full of new communities. A pool and fitness room are industry standard now and let’s be honest, are these enough? Or would you rather live in a community with a pool, fitness room, and a rooftop cinema? We know the answer already. Amenities are subjective and communities need to provide amenities that cater to their demographic. So how does one determine if an amenity will make a difference? Here are a few things to take into consideration:

    • Increased Value for the Resident: An amenity may be a deciding factor in community selection for future residents. It just depends on what they place value in. Since rent prices are largely dictated by location, an amenity is an added value. A good metric to pay attention to is who’s living in the community. Will Millennials prefer a wine cellar or a high-tech social lounge? Know who your residents are and what they want; it’ll make a huge difference.
    • It Makes Life Easier: A good amenity is one that makes users question how they lived without it until now. Basic examples include laundry capabilities and on-site transportation services like Zipcar. Another great example of an amenity while transcending demographics are our Package Concierge systems. Everyone can’t always be home for a package delivery and our lockers hold the delivery until it’s ready for pickup. Not only does our package management solution work for all, it just makes sense.
    • Keep It Simple: Amenities don’t need to be elaborate. Sure, property managers across the country may be jealous of The Oosten, located in Brooklyn N.Y. and developed by Xin Development Group, for giving out a free trip to Europe to meet the building’s designer, but a little can go a long way too. In an NMHC survey conducted in conjunction with Kingsley Associates, 80% wanted secured community access. Is that so much to ask for? Electronic and keyless entry systems are affordable and a community maintenance team can install them. This is a simple upgrade and may be just the amenity needed to boost leases.

Amenities make all the difference. They’re the added incentive to those looking for a new community to call home. Check your local market to see what you’re up against. Go visit other communities with the amenities you’re interested in incorporating into your own. If an amenity is within the realm of possibility and it suits the community’s demographic, go for it! You can even reach out to your current residents and ask them for suggestions. However you decide to do it, go out and get the game-changing amenity!