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University Mailrooms Are Making Room for Lockers

mail room with electronic package lockers and centralized mailboxes

In the age of ecommerce, it is no surprise that many students choose to skip the line in the campus bookstore and order their textbooks online instead. Websites such as Amazon, eCampus, and Chegg offer textbooks at significant savings- giving students yet another reason to order online. But while ordering a textbook is one thing, receiving it is another.

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Lockers are the Icing on the Cake for Your BOPIS Strategy!

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As ecommerce continues to grow, more and more consumers are choosing to do their shopping online. “Buy online/pick-up in store” (BOPIS) is becoming a favored option for both consumers and retailers alike. The convenience of shopping from the home, office, etc. and avoiding shipping costs has made this method a popular addition to the standard brick and mortar shopping experience.

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