Package Volume Increase Means Greater Need for Automated Lockers

Whether you are a retailer who ships orders to customers, or a multi-family property receiving those packages for your residents, you can attest to the continued increase in the amount of packages being sent.

According to the recently released Pitney Bowes Shipping Index Report for 2017, the United States has had an 8% increase in package volume from the previous year. What does that look like? A total of 11.9 BILLION packages sent in 2017. . .or an average of 37 packages per person! Multiply that number by your total residents and suddenly you have a number that can easily require a full-time job to manage. And, with that growth being attributed to the continued rise of eCommerce, retailers are also feeling the pressure to meet customer delivery demands.

Both retailers and multi-family property owners are meeting this challenge head on by utilizing automated locker systems as part of their solution. With a secure location for packages that can be accessed 24/7, automated locker users appreciate the convenience of retrieving their packages on their own schedule. But how do you determine how many automated lockers are needed per delivery?

A good rule of thumb is 1.75 lockers multiplied by the number of packages per day. So for instance, if you are managing 50 packages per day that would mean you would need to provide a minimum 88 lockers (1.75 x 50 = 88). Of course this just provides for an average delivery day and doesn’t take into account seasonality, like back-to-school or the holidays, where more lockers would most likely be needed.

Our product experts would be happy to help you determine the number of automated lockers appropriate for your situation. Simply contact us and see how easy it would be to add Package Concierge® locker systems into your location.

Package Concierge® Expands Leadership Team and Announces Predictions for Holiday Shipments

Innovator of Digital Locker Management Solution Reaches 25 Million Package Transactions

Today, Package Concierge®, the innovator of the automated locker system, is announcing significant company milestones, including that it has managed 25 million package transactions to-date, and now serves 346,000 residents nationwide. Fueled by its impressive growth, the company is also revealing it has expanded its leadership team, promoting its top sales performer, Regan Hartley, to national sales director.

“Having had a very successful five years at Package Concierge, Regan has a deep understanding of this industry and is the absolute best person to help lead our sales team into our next phase of growth,” said Georgianna W. Oliver, founder of Package Concierge. “We are experiencing explosive momentum this year, driven by the need for a superior solution for managing packages. We continue to focus on innovating our system to ensure it meets the needs of property owners in quality, design and usage, while also ensuring it is intuitive for consumers. And we are delivering. We have achieved 80 percent adoption rate of residents who sign-up to use the Package Concierge mobile app and services.”

With the biggest shipping season of the year on the horizon, multifamily housing communities must be prepared for the influx of packages headed their way. Last year, UPS estimated that it delivered about 750 million packages during the 2017 season. Moreover, data from Package Concierge shows there was a 10 percent increase in packages managed from the 2016 to the 2017 holiday season – and this year, the company anticipates it will manage over 125,000 packages every day between Black Friday and December 24.

To manage the growing need for its solution, Package Concierge has doubled staff in the operations, marketing, customer service and finance departments year over year.

“As the originator of the package management solution, Package Concierge is poised for big things and I’m thrilled to be part of the team that will continue to evolve our product line and bring it to more properties,” said Hartley.

Package Concierge is showcasing its technology at booth 627 at the upcoming NMHC OpTech Conference & Exposition in Orlando, FL. To learn more, please visit

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