Popular Spring Packages

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Today is the first day of the spring season! After weeks of cold and snow, everyone is looking forward to a change of pace. Warmer weather and longer days are ahead of us in a time where leaves start to emerge on trees and flowers bloom from the ground. With the new season come new reasons for people to purchase gifts for themselves and others. Easter candy aside, here’s a few of the most popular packages people send in Spring:


Flowers- Due to availability and a myriad of choices at this point in the year, flowers are a staple purchase in the springtime.

Garden Supplies– Spring is the time people begin to prep and plant their gardens. As such, garden supplies and seeds are in hot demand between March and May.

Mother’s Day Gifts- In preparation for Mother’s Day, gifts for mom are purchased and shipped primarily in Spring.

Rain Boots- The old saying about April showers proves true since this is the busiest season for buying a good set of galoshes.

Fruit Arrangements- Much like flowers, fruit is starting become available and large shipments of fruit packages and fruit arrangements are sent this season.


The beauty of spring is evident in the rebirth and renewal of the nature all around us, but also in the generous nature of the season’s most popular gifts.

Vegas Conference Wrap-Up

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Last week, the Package Concierge team exhibited at the NAA Student Housing Conference in Las Vegas. The Aria resort provided a table_vegasglamorous backdrop to the gathering of over ## of property management, student housing vendors and services. With the goal in mind to showcase the need for our apartment service and garnish an enthusiastic return, we can say without hesitation that the conference showing was a success.

From the very beginning, our booth was crowded with attendees. First they came to investigate and then they stayed to learn more—specifically how it could be implanted at their locations. The overwhelming positive response was a thrill, especially since the event was our soft launch into the market. The flyers and giveaways we brought with us were completely depleted by the end of the two day affair. We never knew people could eat that much candy!

It was an experience none of us will soon forget as we look forward to our official launch during the NAA’s Education Conference in San Diego this June. Looking back, we feel there were several important lessons we learned:

  1. The volume of package deliveries at student housing is drastically increasing in large part due to many online vendors offering free shipping to college students
  2. Seeing is believing.
  3. The Package Concierge digital lockers were universally deemed as an ideal and creative way to address the issues property managers face on a daily basis.
  4. Besides the product demonstration, gum giveaways were a huge hit.
  5. The student housing crowd creates modern communities and expects up-to-date, modern conveniences for its clients.
  6. All the vendors were very supportive of each other and friendly on the trade show floor
  7. Wear comfortable shoes and drink plenty of water!

We thank any and all of those who visited our booth during the conference and we hope to see you in San Diego.  Click the corresponding links if you’d like more details about How We Work, and Contacting Us for further information.

Post Saturday Mornings

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Recently, the USPS announced that they would no longer be delivering mail on Saturday. While there will be no weekend mail, packages will still be coming in to apartment communities and student housing as usual. For the Postal Service, the elimination of one delivery day is a great move that will save billions in the long run. But is it equally beneficial to the everyday man? We take a look at the pros and cons of this decision and how it will affect apartment communities:


  1. No Weekend Worries- without weekend delivery, neither students nor hard working families will need to worry about getting bills on their days off.
  2. Could Help Lower Stamp Prices- If the USPS saves enough money with this tactic, the price of stamps could drop, stop or increase at a much slower rate, helping those living in affordable housing.
  3. Could Stop the Closing of Offices- With the USPS saving money, they can put closing different branch offices on the back-burner: a great convenience for high-rise multifamily housing residents.


  1. Fewer Delivery Days – If you’re a student that relies on weekend post to get you those last minute gifts and letters from home, then this move will put a damper in your step.
  2. Could Affect Rural Housing- With fewer delivery days, those far from the post office will need to travel into town more often to send their mail.
  3. Busier Post Offices- Since work days for the USPS have been reduced to 5 days, people will be crowding the offices to get their letters out.

On a related note, this could open a window of opportunity to other delivery or package service companies across the country. Having a day’s edge on the USPS could instantly propel these organized into the realm of being “in demand”, thus boosting their sales. Only time will tell where the industry goes from here.