In a tight economy, everyone is looking to pinch pennies where they can, but more often than not, the place you live isn’t something you can compromise. Did you know that 35% (NMHC) of the US population rents? That’s a big number! And a lot of those renters are living in apartments. So why not make the most of your renting experience and enjoy affordable and comfortable living quarters?

Over the past few years, extensive studies have been conducted on what makes a city affordable. The jobs, the people, the businesses, etc. They’ve even taken into account the housing available in these cities and what the average person pays for rent. And from all that information, Package Concierge has compiled some of the best lists about affordable cities for renting:

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Although the lists do vary, the unchanging variable is the cost of living. Some cities median wage is higher than others and being able to live comfortably in that city is easily attainable for its citizens. The majority of cities on this list have the luxury of providing their people with a job, a home and a pleasant life, all thanks to a lower cost of living. Regardless, a city near you should definitely be on these lists. If you have the opportunity to move so your home is nicer, your wallet is fuller and you’re happier, take it!