Let’s take a trip to the Centennial State, also known as Colorado. Known for its stunning mountains and fresh air, Denver, Colorado is a booming tech center. Whether it’s taking a stroll down the Denver Beer Trail or chasing an adrenaline buzz in the man-made kayak chutes of Confluence Park, there’s something for everyone in the mile high city. With so much to see and do in the bustling metropolis, it makes sense for anyone interested in experiencing all Denver has to offer should live in the heart of the city so all is easily accessible. One community offers the mountain views and downtown city lights in one package: Via Denver.


Developed by world-renowned real estate investment and development juggernaut The Pauls Corporation, Via sits in the buzzing epicenter of Denver’s Golden Triangle. As stated on the homepage: “Come Experience a luxury apartment community that lets you move freely within the dynamic action of downtown Denver.” Via has every right to state this as their apartment homes contain opulent features such as quartz countertops with glass and stone backsplash, plank flooring, and the ever-elusive walk in closet. The community amenities are equally impressive: professional grade fitness facility; spa quality wellness center; social lounge with WiFi cafe, TV and gaming area; and even wine storage! That’s being said, we were excited to add a brand new Package Concierge system into this lively community.


Package Concierge recently installed an L-shaped system of 49 lockers, including dry cleaning. Via’s property manager, Sarah Weekes, took the time to provide feedback about the onsite Package Concierge and said: “The system is extremely helpful in streamlining the package process for our residents, office team and the carriers. Since residents get notification of their package being delivered, it cuts down on the amount of calls we get asking if there was a package delivered. It is also convenient for the residents to be able to access their packages 24 hours a day, not just during office hours.” We feel it can be safely said that the Package Concierge system has blended in well with the active lives of both residents and the employees of Via.


Via isn’t just a property, it’s a lifestyle in luxury living and convenience. Being located in the middle of everything is fast paced and residents need the right mixture of amenities to take advantage of their surroundings. They need the tools to work hard and play hard within the cityscape. When the perfect match is made, all things are possible. This is Via’s top priority and we’re proud to be a part of the equation. Ms. Weekes sums it up best: “When our residents are happy we are happy.” We couldn’t agree more with her; when our clients are happy, so are we.