Whether you like to keep things neat and tidy, or you are the “I’ll get to it later” type, eventually, we all must clean our living space. Let’s face it, apartments big and small get cluttered over the winter. Everyone packs things away, waiting for the good weather to return and when it does–it’s time to clean! But that can be a daunting task especially since it requires using so many chemicals. Chemicals that smell. Chemicals that stain. Chemicals that just aren’t good for you or the environment.

Over the past few years, green cleaning products have soared in popularity and availability. If you’re not already using them, next time you reach for a bottle of floor cleaner or dish soap at the store, there are many options for Earth-friendly cleaning. Check for local brands first, but there are several big-name brands that can be found in most stores and are available just in time for spring cleaning!

Mrs. Meyers:cleaning1 With adorable retro packaging, and inspired by a real mother of nine, Mrs. Meyers cleaning and scent products are all natural and environmentally friendly. Plus they come in a variety of aromatherapeutic scents (the lavender is amazing!)

Simple Green: As the leader in environmentally-friendly, high quality cleaning products, Simple Green leads the green market by offering a long list of products for different surfaces and purposes.

Seventh Generation: One of the larger brands in green cleaning, Seventh Generation has a huge product range, including all types of cleaners as well as personal care products. Prices are typically comparable to standard brands and you’re sure to feel better buying these. cleaning3

Green Works: Green Works is the natural arm of the Clorox cleaners family. Also well-priced, and focusing more on household cleaning, these products work well in removing a variety of stains and are typically 95 percent or more natural. These, and plenty other brands of green cleaning products are easy to find, and a super simple way to be kind to the planet.