The holidays are upon us! It’s a very exciting time of year when families and friends gather to enjoy each others company over good food. At Package Concierge, it is one of our team’s favorite times of the year! If you are living in an apartment like millions of other Americans, and want to host a gathering this holiday season, you might be wondering how to make it happen. Small kitchen, lots of hungry people and few places to sit? No problem! Here’s how you can enjoy Thanksgiving in your apartment with all the people you love: pie

Cooking- You probably don’t have much counter space and your oven likely can’t hold all the fixings you want for the meal, so, ask for help. Make it a pot-luck dinner and have everyone bring a different dish.


Space- Once everyone does arrive, where should you put everything? You can use chairs, an ironing board or TV tray tables to double as temporary space to hold all the delicious dishes.


Seating – As your friends and family settle in for the meal, don’t worry about all gathering around a single table. It might be easier to use the table to serve the food and have everyone sit on the couch or the floor during your meal. Be creative!


Decorations- If going out and buying decorations stresses you out, use leaves from outside to set the tone. Or, why not use items that can double as a decoration and a snack? Grapes, cheese and crackers, chocolates, seasonal candies—choose whatever you’d like.

When the meal begins, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a mansion, hotel, banquet hall, or apartment, eating and enjoying a meal with your inner circle is perfect anywhere.