When you first moved in, did your apartment look bigger without all your stuff? Now that you’ve filled it with furniture and nick-nacks, do you wish you had more space? Of course you do. The average apartment is only 500 square feet and you have collected a lot of things over your lifetime. There’s no need to worry over the possibility of throwing something out.  With a few

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organizational tips and tricks, you can have a place for everything and everything in its place.

Under the bed- Purchase flat bins to store linens, extra pillows or even out of season clothing that can be easily pushed out of sight and underneath your bed.

Counter space- Clear your counters by keeping silverware in handy drawer organizers. Clean up your sink with a sink caddy and store cooking staples (flour, sugar, salt) in mason jars.

Closet space- Nowadays, a quick fix to a small closet is a great organizer and luckily they are readily available at most home improvement stores. For floor organization, use baskets or stackable bins.

Bathroom- Fixtures to clear up your bathroom are as easy as hangers for towels, an over the toilet baker’s rack or a water proof shower caddy.

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Over the door racks- Use over the door shoe racks in all your rooms! For the kitchen, use it for spare utensils or spices; in the bathroom it could collect hygiene products and in the living room it makes a great DVD rack.

Stacking / Shelving- Where ever possible, get stackable storage bins or blocks to maximize your space. And likewise, hang shelving over areas that are otherwise not using the space well enough.

Without a doubt, these tips will help keep you organized and help banish clutter from your apartment. Who knows, throughout your time in the apartment, you might find great ways to reuse shoe boxes or coffee cans. Be creative. It’s all about functionality and live-ability. Have fun with it!