Everyday, people search the Internet for green apartments. Will your property be among the results? 

Image Green features are becoming a big selling point to potential residents. Sixty-two percent of renters said living in a community with at least some green features is an important consideration factor in choosing an apartment, with nearly half saying its VERY important.

So if your property has green features, why not highlight them? Some things that may seem standard, like having a recycling program or energy efficient appliances, might not be clear to all visitors to your website or property.

One great way to make sure web visitors know you’re green is to have a separate “green page” on your site. Even if you have these features listed under amenities or community features, listing them again all in one place will help potential residents understand quickly and easily that you are eco-friendly. Even if you only have two or three initiatives going, showing you care by making those clear will put you above the competition in the prospects mind.

Social media and resident newsletters are also a great way to keep current and prospective residents thinking green. Reminding people of recycling locations, alternative cleaning products, and offering green living tips will keep it fresh in their minds.

And don’t forget that options like online applications, leasing, or rent payment; or recycling and green initiatives within the leasing office count. Knowing your property is environmentally friendly is a wonderful feeling. Share that, and attract more residents by showing it off.