Whether you’re moving out of an apartment or leaving your school dorm for the summer, there are several things you must not forget. We thought it would be helpful to compile a checklist for anyone who is currently moving or might be in the future so that you feel confident everything you need is accounted for:

  1. Throw Aways: Some junk doesn’t need to go to your new place of residence. It might have worked at your old apartment, or maybe it was just there to hold the table up, but the first step to moving out is throwing away what won’t go with you.
  2. Package by Room: When you’re packing your belongings, it’s best to keep everything from one room together so when you unpack later, objects don’t go missing.
  3. Package by Contents: You can stay even more organized if you package your room boxes by contents. If something is fragile, sharp or dense, keep it together.
  4. Clean It: Once you’re life is packed away in boxes, clean everything in the space you lived: the floors, the walls, the carpets, the kitchen and bathroom. Anything that might have gotten dirty while you lived there.
  5. Take Pictures: Before you vacate the premises, take pictures of the apartment or dorm to ensure that you document the state of any and all property. This will give you a safety net if you are blamed for any damages you didn’t cause.
  6. Return Keys: Finally, return your keys to your landlord or adviser.

Change IS a good thing and with this checklist, you are sure to transition easily from one lovely home to the next.