The mission behind Package Concierge isn’t just about providing a convenient solution to package management; it’s also about providing a solution that is safe and secure. When your packages are in one of our systems, it’s important to know that the highest quality hardware and software are storing your deliveries. In this blog, we’d like to briefly touch upon the security features in our lockers that keep your packages safe awaiting your retrieval.

    • High Quality Materials – Our exclusive partnership with Florence Manufacturing ensures the highest quality in American made materials. The systems are equipped with double locking doors and the materials used in construction are tested for 100,000 + cycles each, meaning that Package Concierge can withstand high amounts of wear and tear. Users can take comfort in knowing that their packages are well secured in durable lockers.
    • Layered Security – The Package Concierge can be accessed through either manually entering a username, or scanning a bar code, using a key fob and/or adding a PIN code, but properties can choose if they want to use either one or both for added security. All Package Concierge systems come with a front facing still camera. The camera runs 24/7 to ensure the safety of its users and to document all while capturing any criminal activity such as attempted theft or tampering.
    • ETL Certification – This is an important fire and safety feature and something we feel is very important. Package Concierge systems are the only systems available on the market that are ETL certified for electrical, gas, and all North American safety standards. The ETL certification is given by Intertek Testing Services and they’re internationally known for the rigorous testing. The Package Concierge has met this high standard for quality through our U.S. manufacturer, Florence Manufacturing.

Safety and security isn’t something that we take lightly at Package Concierge. You trust us to keep your packages safe until you can pick them up and we plan on not only continuing the current levels of security, but also improving upon them as well. Our priority is is you and that will never change.