The season of lemonade, pool parties and heat waves has arrived sooner than expected for most of the country. Even though the heat can be hard to beat, summer is a wonderful season because of its ability to bring people together. Neighbors, friends and family spend more time outside and are given the chance to mingle and enjoy the company of others on a sunny day. It’s also the time of year when the focus in people’s shipping needs shifts into fair-weather gear. Here are some popular packages sent out during summer months:


Father’s Day Gifts- Every dad is one of a kind. And even though there are some typical presents to award the one in your life, such as sports memorabilia, work ties, or golf clubs, the best gifts always come from the heart.

Graduation Gifts- Whether its preschool or college, the early summer is rife with celebrations for those closing a chapter in their life. Grade level or school themed presents can be great, but the ones most often sent involve money.

Grilling Accessories- All great summer cookouts are centered on a grill. To make the most of the event, any good griller will be knee deep in accessories whether they’re to assist in the process or to ultimately be eaten.

Beachwear- This goes without saying that a popular group of summer items that are shipped about involve the beach. Sunglasses, towels, bathing suits and other fun surf stuff top the list.

Cooling Systems- If you live in a humid or temperate climate, you’ve likely run into the last minute buying of an air conditioner or a fan to help keep you cool during the summer heat.

These noteworthy summer items are packaged up and shipped a lot during the hottest months of the year. Now that we’ve shifted into school vacation and sometimes work vacation mode, expect to see a lot of grads and dads out there grilling on the beach.