There’s a distinct crispness to the air as we turn from hot and humid to a mild and comfortable atmosphere of the Autumn season. Any day now, leaves will begin to change just as the days grow shorter. Kids will flock to apple orchards and pumpkin fields as the rest of the family prepares for upcoming holidays. For some, it is their favorite season and the popular packages of this time of year show why:


Sweaters- The seasonal clothing of choice for men, women and children is the sweater. It’s the perfect layering garment that can be added to warm up through a cold day, or take off when the sun returns at full force.


Pies- With pumpkins and apples in season, the purchasing of pie skyrockets in the Fall. For some people, these delicious treats aren’t available locally and must be shipped to their location. For others, they simply have a favorite baker’s goods they can’t live without.


Bulbs- Flowers, trees and shrubs are cheapest in the Fall. And for people looking to get a head start on their spring gardens, this is the best time to order flower bulbs.


Halloween Costumes- For the expert costumer, sometimes the local stores just don’t cut it. Children, teens and parents alike seek the best and most unique Halloween costume to be the talk of the town. And sometimes, those are only available online.


Turkeys- In several weeks, the American tradition of Thanksgiving will bring families together and also increase mail order turkey sales. Anyone can buy anything on the internet these days and food is no exception. For the perfect holiday meal, some people get their turkeys shipped in.

These Fall packages showcase what is most important during the changing season. And in most cases, as it comes down to it, family is the center of these packages. People are preparing for meals and good times with their loved ones.