For students seeking a home away from campus, several needs factor into their decision. Sometimes the best location depends on the amenities, other time it’s because of the price. It could also be ease of access to the campus itself or the surrounding nightlife. Here are the top 10 schools for migrating off-campus and what draws students to the communities:


Brigham Young University- With some of the cheapest per-month payments for single apartments and it’s convenient location, students can live off campus without getting lost in the wilderness.

James Madison University- Their variety of homes, apartments, condos and the amenities expected from southern hospitality, JMU’s clear and helpful portal will help students find the location of their dreams.

Virginia Tech- Helpful message boards connect potential roommates, buyers and sellers of furniture and their extensive property management program gives these students the edge.

Clemson- Having the option to live close to campus or out on your own provides students the foresight to choosing the right housing—as does their roommate finder system.

University of Florida- The Gator Guide is a prime tool for knowing the ins and outs of off-campus living from transportation schedules to tips for apartment hunting.

Georgia Southern University- The price is right at this university for living off campus, in fact it’s cheaper than living on campus and better yet, the housing comes furnished more often than not.

McGill University- These gorgeous locations in Montreal offer a city feel that campus bound students might otherwise miss.

Utah State University- Living off campus here is only a hop, skip and jump away from the university’s main location and the pricing is incredibly affordable.

University of California- Davis- The local atmosphere is a major plus for these off campus students and the selection of apartments doesn’t hurt either.

University of Southern Florida- Apartments with pools, clubs and parks makes deciding to live off campus here an easy choice.