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Cambridge Oxford

New Haven, CT
84 Units | 70 Lockers 

The Issue

Cambridge Oxford wanted a solution that required no oversight or manual application. Initially, the management team looked into a package logging application but determined it would require too much time and still not address the security issue.

Connectivity Package Concierge

Our Solution

After seeing a locker system in an area gym, the property manager, Jessica Molson, thought a similar solution would fit Cambridge Oxford’s needs. She considered the Package Concierge® locker system. Cambridge Oxford had several criteria in mind when evaluating the system. One important consideration was experience with the residential market. Package Concierge® is exclusively focused on the residential, multifamily industry and understands the unique needs of residents and property managers. Impressed by the technology behind the Package Concierge® system, as well as the high quality, attractive lockers, Cambridge Oxford’s decision ultimately came down to the user experience. The system had to be easy to use and reliable to ensure adoption by both residents and carriers. After seeing another Package Concierge® system in action in nearby Stamford, the property manager felt confident that Package Concierge® was the best solution for the Cambridge Oxford community. Decision made, the property management team worked closely with Package Concierge® to customize a 7ft x 13ft 70 compartment locker system in an L shape that provides residents with a secure, convenient package delivery experience.

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The Results

Cambridge Oxford receives 60 packages per day all of which are delivered without a hitch via the Package Concierge® system. Leasing managers are able to focus on managing the property and ensuring resident services are running smoothly, while its student residents appreciate the convenience and security of this modern amenity. Most important, residents enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their packages – from toothpaste to textbooks – are there when they get home.

Students get a lot of packages. Not every package contains expensive items, but every package is valuable to the recipient. It’s important that they get the packages sent to them. Package Concierge® allows us to deliver on our goal to provide convenient, reliable delivery of residents’ packages, with no manual oversight. It benefits everyone.”

— Jessica Molson, Property Manager

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