The Wellington
Arlington, VA

711 Units | 3 – 54 Locker System | Black Pebble

The Issue

This property was challenged with the main office handling hundreds of packages for 3 separate buildings.

All packages were managed in a break room next to the leasing office, creating a limited window of time for resident pick-up. The constant flow of deliveries and pick-ups caused the staff to stop work every few minutes to deal with packages. Furthermore, the residents were frustrated by the inconvenience of having to walk or drive to the main building and only being able to pick up packages during office hours.

Our Solution

Across the three buildings, Package Concierge installed, three (3) standard locker systems in a convenient location for Residents and delivery carriers.

The Results

By installing 3 systems — 1 in each building, the Residents no longer have to drive to the main building to pick-up their packages. They are securely delivered to their very own building lobby. Additionally property staff has a virtually hands-off experience with package management, leaving more time to manage other property needs.

"Package Concierge solved our package dilemma starting on the first day. Our break room was overflowing with packages, but this system helped us take back that space. Our carriers love how easy the system is to use and our residents have never been happier with package management. We love it! Every property should have a Package Concierge."

— Lisa Munley, Property Manager

Putting Package Concierge® Into Use - Case Studies

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