Contactless Solutions for Package Management

Bring Order to the Chaos of Your Package Management Challenges

Experience the concierge level of service with a great deal on your first system. Providing a contactless solution with minimal staff time needed, our Package Room system is the perfect way to rethink your mail room to align with modern property standards.

The Package Concierge® proprietary software is designed to easily integrate with your platform, is user-friendly, and provides robust reporting capabilities. Combined with a high-quality, Made in America smart kiosk system, this automated solution expands your package management to handle any size package delivery.

More Secure

This self-serve package management solution provides access control to a designated package storage area of your choosing. Detailed management reporting allows you to track who is entering the secure room.

Superior Tech

The sleek surface-mounted kiosk contains a computer, touchscreen, barcode reader, and camera. It operates with software that is intuitive for both delivery carrier and resident ease of use.

Accessible & Durable

The Package Room system comes with enhancements including a multi-package deposit process for even faster carrier delivery plus extended retrieval time for resident convenience.

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