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The sleek, automated convenience of a Package Concierge® system isn’t a novelty or luxury; it’s the future of the landscape. We know that you’re eager to enjoy the cost and time savings that come with one of our systems, but before you wade into these new waters, we’ve put together a list of things to consider that will help you make the most of your experience.

Think like a customer – When you add your Package Concierge system, how will it change the flow of traffic in your building? If you have the luxury of more than a few potential locations, we recommend choosing a space that’s near the door, yet somewhat removed so it won’t impede the natural movement of people in the space. The delivery drivers will appreciate something near the door as well.

Codes & accessibility – We do our best to keep our designs as universally accessible as possible, but it never hurts to consult your state and local fire and electrical codes to ensure that your investment is up to snuff with the current regulations. For example, one of the more common standards we refer to comes from the Fair Housing Act. It dictates that the lowest locker must be at least 15 inches above the finished floor for accessibility purposes. Knowing these detailed guidelines on the front-side can avoid a great deal of cost and inconvenience later.

Continuing education – Did you know that we offer classes? We’ve got continuing education courses that can give you experience with the best practices that make it easy to incorporate centralized mailboxes and package-delivery systems into your next project. You can help save yourself, or your client, valuable time while enhancing the usability and convenience of your system.

Think bigger – Our last piece of advice might sound like a blatant sales pitch, but we promise, we’re thinking about you when we say that you should think about going bigger. Our systems are offered in a variety of sizes, but the size you need today may not be the size that works for you tomorrow. Online shopping is on the rise and shows no sign of slowing. The U.S. Department of Commerce statistics showed a 14% increase in online shopping during 2018, and they’re expecting that growth to continue in the coming years. Are you ready for the increase? Apartment managers are always telling us that their Package Concierge system is a big selling point when re-signing tenant leases. As the ease and security of these systems become part of their regular routine, they’re likely to increase the amount of packages they receive. These are just a few reasons that we think you should consider not limiting yourself to the size you need now, but adding a Package Concierge system that’s ready for your future volume.

Package Concierge is ready to make sure that you provide the finest amenities in your spaces. When you’re ready to embrace the future of package delivery, let us show you everything you’ll need to make this future part of your present.

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