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Residential deliveries have been on the uptick for several years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has blown the lid off the box.

An analysis of April Package Concierge transaction data shows an increase of nearly 28% YOY and is rivaling that of the past holiday season.

According to Forbes, in April U.S. retailers’ online revenue grew 68 percent year-over-year and online orders were up 129 percent. Plus, even as the brick-and-mortar retail economy is opening up, a quarter of  consumers in a Morning Consult poll said they would not feel comfortable going back to the mall for at least six more months.

That’s no surprise, as pre-Covid 62 percent of U.S. consumers with Internet access shop online at least once a month, and Millennials (ages 22 to 37, the largest living adult population), make more purchases online than in stores. But now, consumers are ordering many of their everyday essentials online too…and more online orders equals more package deliveries.

In residential buildings, package delivery is increasingly become like a parade. Delivery people from popular carriers USPSUPS, and FedEx have become building regulars, sometimes entering more than once a day.

As online deliveries continue to increase, (shoppers love the speed and convenience – and now safety), the in-building challenges of managing package deliveries, including receiving, handling, security, and resident access, is increasing as well. With the deluge of deliveries, automated package management systems—from smart lockers to package rooms—have become a vital aspect of a smooth-running and efficient residential building.

Apartment package lockers and rooms can easily integrate with existing property software systems to help automate the package management process. Some of the top benefits of automating package management include:

  • Your lobby is the introduction to your building’s culture and personality. Residents chose to live at your address in part because of the first impression the ambiance of the lobby makes. Don’t allow package carts or overflowing temporary package shelving ruin the feeling. Delivery clutter can overtake a space if left unchecked; even when it is neatly stacked it often still runs down the hallway. Let smart package lockers clean it up and easily and securely organize all the packages.
  • Eliminating the handling of inbound and outbound packages frees up staff time for other property and resident priorities; allowing them to focus on the responsibilities you hired them for. Most large properties previously needed dedicated staff just for package management, now that same staff can focus on value-add activities to improve resident satisfaction.
  • For residents, smart locker and package room systems provide security, and 24/7 access. No longer do they have to ask a neighbor to run down and retrieve their package before the leasing office closes for the day. Residents can retrieve their packages when it is convenient for them.

By understanding the impact that online shopping and residential delivery has on your property, you can use technology, such as smart package locker and room systems, to neutralize the impact on staff and building operations…even when your residents treat every day like it’s a Black Friday shopping day.

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