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It’s no secret that college is becoming more and more expensive, between tuition, room and board, fees, and textbooks. Many students are living off minimum wage jobs or participating in work-study programs, all while juggling full-time course loads. The last thing they should have to worry about is package theft. Despite often being on a tight budget, Millennial consumers (aged 18 to 34) purchase more products online per year than any other demographic, spending around $2,000 annually, and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

This phenomenon poses a logistical nightmare for student housing centers. They are drowning in cardboard boxes full of textbooks, student care packages, and dorm room essentials and need an effective solution to help streamline and simplify their package management processes.

Cambridge Oxford Student Housing sought to tighten package security without a lot of oversight, manual application, or maintenance. They wanted a system that worked smarter, not harder. They needed a high-quality intelligent locker that both performed well and looked sharp, designed by a company with extensive residential market experience and credibility.

When considering the user experience, Cambridge looked to answer several questions. Were the lockers intuitive and user-friendly? Would both residents and carriers actually use the system? After seeing how well another Package Concierge system functioned in nearby Stamford, the property manager took a well-researched leap of faith and purchased the system for themselves. They now successfully manage over 60 packages a day without a hitch.

For Cambridge, the increased efficiency in package manage allowed their leasing managers more hours in the day to focus on their tasks that matter most: managing the property and ensuring resident services are running smoothly. It also added peace of mind for the student residents who could prioritize their studies and social activities instead of being distracted by that nagging paranoia their packages won’t be there when they return home.

Chelsea Place, a student apartment building in Boston, faced a similar dilemma. They knew package management would present some challenges since they had high a student occupancy but no full-time management staff. After enlisting the Package Concierge locker system, they now receive their daily packages with no issues. If a resident is out of town, they don’t have to worry about their valuables being safe and secure, and they know it will be available when they return.

Their property manager, Sara Young, put it like this: “We love it! From day one, Package Concierge has solved our package dilemma. Delivery carriers, including UPS, FedEx and the USPS love the system and our residents have never been happier. The system is extremely easy to use for residents and management. The registration process is simple and everyone at Package Concierge has been so helpful during the installation and registration process. Every property should have a Package Concierge system.”

Is your university encountering comparable problems? Are you ready to put them to rest? Summer is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming school season by adding automated self-serve locker solutions! Explore solutions on our website or contact us to discuss your installation today.

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