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What matters most to renters right now?

Because we know that you want to know that too, we commissioned Zogby Analytics* to conduct an online survey of more than 2,000 multifamily residents so we could all better understand what’s top of mind when it comes to amenities and apartment searching.

We discovered some interesting findings from the renters who completed our Multifamily Resident Survey: A Renter’s View in December 2020:

  • Renters have changed the way they prioritize amenities since before the pandemic.
  • Amenities matter to those searching for apartments or considering lease renewals.
  • Package management solutions are one of the most important amenities.
  • Most residents give properties high marks for package management, but there is room for improvement.

Amid the turbulence of 2020, renters’ priorities changed.

Over the last year, more than half of renters surveyed have changed the way they prioritize amenities. Of those, nearly a quarter said their priorities had changed significantly.

2021 Renters Amenity Prioritization Chart

Should we expect renters reshaped prioritization to affect new apartment home searches or rental renewals of existing leases? The answer from residents is a resounding yes.

More than 90 percent of survey participants who were actively searching for a new apartment—and that’s fully one-third of the responders in this study—say that amenities are a factor in their apartment search. Even for those who are not looking to move, close to half (43 percent) say that home amenities will play a role in their lease renewal within their existing apartment community. 

Package Management Systems are so 2021.

Amenities matter—and of amenities discussed, package management solutions are considered one of the most important by one in five survey respondents. Which probably has something to do with the reported 44% increase in ecommerce sales in 2020.

Last year, with package deliveries on the rise, multifamily properties were responsive. One in three survey respondents live at a property that has changed and/or upgraded the way they handle packages since the start of the pandemic.

The survey identified package lockers, package rooms, and package delivery services as the most often implemented new technologies and solutions. This is consistent with Package Concierge® internal data which cites a 10 percent increase in overall installations for multifamily communities year-over-year. Our outdoor smart locker installations drove the wave, providing a contactless solution which residents could access throughout the apartment community. As demand grew for taming the package chaos in 2020, Package Concierge® saw annual package volume increase 31 percent year over year in multifamily communities and averaged over 800,000 package transactions per week during the holiday season alone. 

Most renters (66 percent) are satisfied with the package management services they receive.

Property managers perform a heavy lift when it comes to package management, and it appears to be paying off – most residents in our survey felt satisfied. That one-third of these multifamily communities added smart lockers and package rooms likely fueled the 66 percent satisfaction rate residents expressed when asked how their properties handle package management.

We are fortunate to collaborate every day with cutting-edge multifamily property management teams, which has allowed us a front row seat to their success in resident satisfaction. We were witness to properties that quickly pivoted processes for food deliveries, package management and socially distanced lobbies. Working with their delivery carriers, these proactive communities reduced congestion in their mail and package centers while safely ensuring package delivery to their residents.

Here are three tips from the best of the best for an efficient and effective package management strategy that delights residents.

  • Use our survey questions to talk with your residents. Everyone knows much more today than six months ago about receiving and managing package deliveries. Find out what your residents like the most. What would they want changed? Typical priorities are security, convenience, 24/7 accessibility to packages, and contactless solutions. Compare these findings to your current package management process. If you find gaps, reach out and let us help you look for solutions.
  • Leading-edge property managers apply technology. Whether it is smart home devices such as digital locks and thermostats or smart package locker solutions and access-controlled package rooms, expanding your technology footprint provides added convenience for residents. Automated package management solutions reduce the number of touches per package and close contact with residents, all while offering convenient 24/7 onsite access.
  • Talk to the drivers and route managers at companies that deliver most frequently to your property. What are other properties on their routes doing differently? Do they have suggestions for your specific property? Sharing of best practices, especially ones that carriers prefer, helps ensure smooth deliveries to your property.

Package Concierge® Survey spotlights an opportunity to expand services residents want.

More than one-third of those surveyed expressed dissatisfaction or ambivalence with their residence’s current package management system. Unhappy residents brought forward a list of well-defined problems for property managers to fix. 

  • Disorganization (23 percent)
  • Lost packages (19 percent)
  • Delay in retrieval of packages (18 percent)
  • Lack of social distancing / safety measures (16 percent)
  • Lag time in delivery notifications (15 percent)

Of the issues that renters are citing with their current package management solution, a comprehensive package locker and room system solves for every single one. Rethink the temporary solutions you put into place to get you through the pandemic, and put in quality solution, that addresses these pain points.

We stand ready to serve your package management needs

As the trusted provider of automated package management solutions, we have always taken a data-driven, market approach to helping multifamily properties anticipate their residents wants and needs. The more we understand about multifamily residents’ priorities, the better we can put our technology leadership and industry expertise to work for you.

Be sure to check out all the key findings in the Renter’s View report, and see how you can attract new residents with a priority amenity like smart package lockers.


*Zogby Analytics is respected nationally and internationally for its opinion research capabilities. Since 1984, Zogby has empowered clients with powerful information and knowledge critical for making informed strategic decision. Zogby was commissioned by Package Concierge® to conduct an online survey of 2,017 renters throughout the United States in December 2020.


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