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How Last-Yard Solutions Support Last-Mile Success

In package delivery, the last mile is the journey from a transportation hub to its final destination. Though a package may only be traveling a short distance, it’s the most expensive stage of the delivery process.

Smart package lockers allow for 24/7 delivery drop-off and pickup in a secure, accessible location. They can be quickly and easily unlocked via a unique code or smartphone app.

Tips to Manage Holiday Package Delivery

The holidays mean one thing is on every property manager’s mind: managing the package delivery chaos. UPS alone estimated it delivered 800 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2018 and that number is sure to rise this year. Package Concierge, the trusted provider of automated locker solutions, is sharing tips to help the multi-family housing industry make the most of the upcoming holiday season.

“It is easy to feel overwhelmed by holiday package management, but with a little advanced planning and the addition of the ever-increasing available property technology, managers can face the busy season head-on,” said Georgianna W. Oliver, founder of Package Concierge.

Your 10,000 packages arrived

Online shopping has been heralded as the ultimate modern-day convenience, but in at least one respect, it can be anything but. Packages get stolen, boxes pile up in the rain and many residential buildings – particularly those built back when people actually had to go to a store to shop – are running out of room for the never-ending barrage of deliveries.

The challenge has given rise to an entire industry that is racing to come up with technology that would make deliveries easier and more secure. 

Where the Packages Go

As the flow of deliveries continues to increase, New York City residential buildings have implemented high-tech solutions.

Georgianna Oliver, the chief executive and founder of Package Concierge, a self-serve locker solution designed to automate the delivery of packages, said the biggest issue her customer base of apartment buildings in New York City faced was space constraint. “There’s nowhere for all the packages,” she said. In most cases, a hallway is the chosen spot for the locker system.

How Property Managers Can Use Technology to Get Ahead of the Upcoming Holiday Package Madness

Autumn may only just be getting started, but soon enough, holiday gifting will be on everyone’s minds. That means one thing for property managers: package delivery commotion. The 2019 season will be shorter than years past, and that means more boxes per day to deal with in mailrooms, hallways and lobbies around the world. If you want to get ahead of the madness needs to begin now. 

Due to tremendous growth in e-commerce, the demand for package management solutions for deliveries has grown, as well. UPS alone estimated it delivered 800 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2018, with property managers reporting an average of 80 packages per day. Things are not slowing down any time soon, either. Package Concierge, a provider of self-service package locker systems, experienced an 18% increase in transactions year over year for the 2018 holiday season and expectations for this year look to follow suit.

Majority of consumers plan to return holiday gifts

The report emphasizes the role physical stores play, both when it comes to holiday shopping and also in managing returns. According to Oracle, Gen Z and millennials (25% and 30%, respectively) said they prefer to use buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS), while only 14% of baby boomers preferred the same. That finding tracks with a previous survey from parcel locker provider Package Concierge, which found that 58% of Gen Z shoppers have used BOPIS. Among the top reasons for choosing BOPIS, respondents of that survey said they wanted their items faster than online shipping would provide, and they wanted to make sure the item was available before they went to the store.

#RSP19 Webinar Series Preview: How One-Time Consumers Become Full-Time Shoppers

While BOPIS has proven popular with consumers, many of the initial deployments are not meeting rising customer expectations — and they can create additional work, costs and complexity if they are not tightly integrated into the store’s operations. Expanded fulfillment options such as automated lockers can address both of these challenges, and this webinar will explore how:

  • Retailers should be planning for the future of BOPIS; and
  • New fulfillment options can provide them with the flexibility to handle higher order volumes, a wider range of package sizes and types, and consumers’ desire for convenience and security.

4 BOPIS best practices for the back to school season

This year, back-to-school shopping sales are expected to top $80 billion, with households predicted to spend an average of $696.70 — the highest it has ever been, according to the National Retail Federation. Today's consumers want to interact with brands in traditional and nontraditional ways, which is why retailers must excel at integrating their brick-and-mortar and online experiences — including seamlessly delivering the buy online pickup in-store experience, known as BOPIS.  
According to a May 2019 Zogby Analytics research study commissioned by Package Concierge, 60% of Gen Z shoppers said they had visited a mall within the last week prior to the survey, while 58% also utilized BOPIS. In addition, 60% of Gen Z shoppers said they will make their choice based on a retailer offering BOPIS over one that doesn't. 
During this busy back-to-school shopping season, here's a guideline to help retailers optimize BOPIS success for these tech-savvy student shoppers.

Package Concierge® Reveals Seasonal Strategies to Help Property Managers Plan for the Busy Upcoming

Property technology attracts next generation renters while driving efficiency.

Today, Package Concierge®, the trusted provider of automated locker solutions, is revealing its property playbook to help the multi-family housing industry make the most of the upcoming holiday season, and everything that comes with it. UPS alone estimated it delivered 800 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2018 - and Package Concierge processed more than three million transactions during the season (half a million in just one week in December) last year.

Why Buy Online, Pickup In Store Appeals To Younger Shoppers

The latest Automated Retail Tracker examines the latest ways supermarkets and other retailers are implementing technologies to provide self-service options and high-speed services.

Kiosk-based shopping experiences may be convenient for consumers, but they also benefit retailers by reducing the amount of floor space needed for checkout — and even merchandise — while reducing the need for sales staff.

Quick, self-service models like kiosks also drive up customer spending, as much as 30 percent more when they order through self-service kiosks as opposed to traditional checkouts.

Marketing to Millennials

With millennials fast becoming the dominant demographic for apparel merchandisers and marketers, retailers who fail to change their business models at a more rapid pace will continue to struggle.

This is a generation consumed with technology, obsessed with having authentic experiences and committed to aligning their purchasing with their social values. As the digital world continues to expand, vendors and retailers can no longer avoid diving into this universe, however incompatible it may seem with traditional retail marketing.

Next-Day Shipping Isn't Always Enough For Gen-Z

Lately, discussions around consumer behavior and preferences have tended toward the apocalyptic. With more and more name-brand retailers shuttering stores, many assume that the shopping mall's days are numbered. A recent study from Package Concierge, a provider of automated locker solutions, suggests these fears may be premature.

Package Concierge Study Illuminates Gen Z Shopping Habits

Automated locker solutions provider Package Concierge has revealed findings from a new study on the shopping behaviors of adults aged between 18 and 25 years old. Of the 1,000 people polled, nearly 60 percent reported that they had visited a mall within the last week, while nearly 90 percent admitted to making an in-store purchase during their visits. 

Gen Z has a thing for BOPIS | Retail Dive

Package Concierge, an automated parcel locker provider, released a survey that found 58% of Generation Z shoppers have used buy online, pick up in-store for a purchase, and 60% said it was a factor in deciding where to shop. For Gen Z, the brick-and-mortar retail experience still matters. 

Gen Z Has a Thing For BOPIS | SupplyChain Dive

As e-commerce and omnichannel delivery options have more people shopping online, Package Concierge's data suggests stores that offer BOPIS options can capture additional revenue. For some stores, the strategy pays for itself. According to the ETP Group, for online shoppers the browsing to sale conversion rate is only 3%, but for in-store consumers the rate can jump to 60% depending on the store.