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Package deal

The surge in online shopping has prompted a need for better package management, especially during the holiday season, as the flood of cardboard boxes and padded envelopes descends on residential addresses from Great Neck to Greenport.

Package Concierge is a Trailblazer

Management personnel needed a better system to manage and log packages for their hundreds of units. Residents needed a more convenient process for package notifications and pick-ups. Fortunately, a solution emerged in 2012 with the launch of Package Concierge, makers of innovative digital package locker systems.

Packages, Parcels and Profit

By Andie Lowenstein, Associate Editor 2014 was a year of futuristic concepts for the parcel industry which sparked a public debate about the practicality of drone delivery. The cyber shopping season noted record-breaking package volumes due to shoppers using mobile devices during retail excursions, free shipping, parcel tracking, and enhanced services

A Solution to One of the Apartment Industry’s Biggest Struggles: Q&A with Package Concierge’s Founde

Internet retail sales in the United States are through the roof as online shoppers are projected to spend $279 billion this year, almost 20 percent increase since 2010. While the convenience of online shopping is a great benefit, package volume is taking a toll on the property management business as staff is tasked with handling, individually logging, sorting, storing and distributing packages every single day.