Package Concierge In The News Archive: March 2015

A Solution to One of the Apartment Industry’s Biggest Struggles: Q&A with Package Concierge’s Founde

Internet retail sales in the United States are through the roof as online shoppers are projected to spend $279 billion this year, almost 20 percent increase since 2010. While the convenience of online shopping is a great benefit, package volume is taking a toll on the property management business as staff is tasked with handling, individually logging, sorting, storing and distributing packages every single day.

Misery In The Mailroom: ‘Package Concierge’ Seeks To Change Delivery System

Retrieving packages can often seem like an inconvenient task, especially if one is not able to pick them up during specific mail center hours or is forced to travel across a college campus during treacherous weather conditions. Local startup Package Concierge Inc. is working to solve these problems. The company sells modern steel locker systems to property managers where carriers such as UPS and USPS can seamlessly deliver tenants’ packages and ensure that they are secure for pickup.