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5 Ways to Build a Startup That Lasts

In the fast-paced startup world, it’s easy to fall into the habit of acting quickly rather than thoughtfully. Of course, forward progress is always the goal but not at the expense of building a sustainable business. As you move through the chaotic early days, pay attention to the decisions you make about your product, team and operations; think about how those decisions will impact you not just tomorrow, but five years down the road.

9 of the Most Common Mistakes That Will Tank a Startup

Almost half a million U.S. businesses will die this year. But it doesn't have to be your company, at least if you mitigate the pitfalls that commonly trip young companies. That's according to serial entrepreneur Georgianna W. Oliver, CEO of package locker system company Package Concierge, who says the many mistakes she made prior to the success she's having with her current startup qualify her to give advice on the subject. Here are the mistakes she says companies about to fail most commonly make.

Words of Wisdom For Start-ups From A Serial Entrepreneur

Since college, Georgianna W. Oliver has been turning problems into opportunities by building businesses that provide solutions. She’s sold two companies and is using her expertise in property management to develop a package locker solution for apartment and student housing communities. Package Concierge is taking advantage of the $482.6 billion ecommerce industry in North America by making it easy for mailed packages to be delivered and picked up by residents. Oliver shared her secrets for success with me.