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Marketing to Millennials

With millennials fast becoming the dominant demographic for apparel merchandisers and marketers, retailers who fail to change their business models at a more rapid pace will continue to struggle.

This is a generation consumed with technology, obsessed with having authentic experiences and committed to aligning their purchasing with their social values. As the digital world continues to expand, vendors and retailers can no longer avoid diving into this universe, however incompatible it may seem with traditional retail marketing.

Next-Day Shipping Isn't Always Enough For Gen-Z

Lately, discussions around consumer behavior and preferences have tended toward the apocalyptic. With more and more name-brand retailers shuttering stores, many assume that the shopping mall's days are numbered. A recent study from Package Concierge, a provider of automated locker solutions, suggests these fears may be premature.

Package Concierge Study Illuminates Gen Z Shopping Habits

Automated locker solutions provider Package Concierge has revealed findings from a new study on the shopping behaviors of adults aged between 18 and 25 years old. Of the 1,000 people polled, nearly 60 percent reported that they had visited a mall within the last week, while nearly 90 percent admitted to making an in-store purchase during their visits. 

Gen Z has a thing for BOPIS | Retail Dive

Package Concierge, an automated parcel locker provider, released a survey that found 58% of Generation Z shoppers have used buy online, pick up in-store for a purchase, and 60% said it was a factor in deciding where to shop. For Gen Z, the brick-and-mortar retail experience still matters. 

Gen Z Has a Thing For BOPIS | SupplyChain Dive

As e-commerce and omnichannel delivery options have more people shopping online, Package Concierge's data suggests stores that offer BOPIS options can capture additional revenue. For some stores, the strategy pays for itself. According to the ETP Group, for online shoppers the browsing to sale conversion rate is only 3%, but for in-store consumers the rate can jump to 60% depending on the store.

Ask the Expert: Georgianna W. Oliver

Georgianna W. Oliver is the founder of Package Concierge, a trusted provider of automated locker solutions that improve customer interations, as well as Tour24, the exciting product that offers self-guided tours for apartments.

We sat down with Oliver to discuss her experience in the property management sector.


Shop Talk: Apartments moving into short-term rentals

Did you know Airbnb, VRBO and other hospitality marketplaces have started cutting deals with apartment communities to place short-term renters? Or that the economics of short-term rentals are allowing for more dynamic pricing in apartment communities and the potential for higher profitability? Our guest, Georgianna W. Oliver, CEO of Package Concierge, is operating in the thick of these new trends and sensibilities. She joins us to elaborate.