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Wouldn’t it be great for property managers if every package shipped to residents was no larger than it had to be—and was as perfect in design and utility as the official Rawlings baseball used for major league play? Of course, the challenge in package management—as in most of life—there is no such thing as one-size fits all. Fortunately, flexible options abound.

With thoughtful planning and an experienced partner in package management solutions, winning property management teams can design automated smart locker systems and self-serve package rooms that fit their available space like a baseball in the catcher’s mitt.

“Any baseball is beautiful. No other small package comes as close to the ideal design and utility. It is a perfect object for a man’s hand. Pick it up and it instantly suggests its purpose; it is meant to be thrown a considerable distance – thrown hard and with precision.”

Roger Angel, Legendary Sports Writer

With trends in online ordering showing no sign of decline, the time is right to re-assess your property’s approach to package management. Here are some ideas.

    1. Efficiently maximizing space is the name of the game. There are smart package management solutions for all types, sizes, and configurations of properties. Whether your building has thirty floors with a dedicated area specifically for receiving and holding packages, or thirty units with a seldom used hallway, closet, or under-utilized corner in a storage room, modular and easy-to-configure smart package lockers can be configured to meet your needs. When indoor space is at a premium, weather-resistant, secure automated lockers can be installed in outdoor environments.
    1. It takes both base hits and long balls to win games. Begin with the basics. You don’t have to create a feature-rich package management solution on day one. Our customers prove over and over that with the modular Package Concierge® Express Locker Series, and a little configuration creativity, can have a significant impact on meeting residents’ needs. The kiosk module, for example, can be used as a standalone smart system and then expanded with other completely contained modules at a later date if necessary.

      We make it easy to get started with a smart package management solution, no matter whether your location has dedicated space for an access-controlled package room or smart package locker configuration, or limitations of layout and square footage. Simply identify and measure potential areas of unused or inefficiently used space. Don’t be too quick rule out any potential square footage. The Package Concierge® Locker Configurator (with drag and drop features) helps design the perfect smart package locker configuration for the space you have. You will even get blueprint-style shop drawings for your design along with 3D models for use by your architect.
    1. Cover all the bases to please the fans. In the last year, renters have changed the way they prioritize amenities. Package management solutions rank high on the list. Download Multifamily Survey – A Renter’s View to learn more about our national survey results.

      Our clients and their residents have clear opinions about the features they like the most, and they want these features, regardless of the size or configuration of their package management system.
      • Clients want 24/7, secure self-access to their packages, no matter who the carrier is or when they deliver. They want to manage their access via a mobile app that is easy to use. When something goes wrong, they want to be able to access resident support.
      • Looks matter. With the choice of standard or custom colors, and even the option to be wrapped, our locker systems are designed to complement a property’s ambience and are fully customizable, including dry cleaning storage.
      • Installation teams call out the advanced configuration tools, the ease of installation (details like leveling feet and plug-and-play modules) along with easy to maintain features of our systems.
      • Information technology (IT) staff appreciate the integrated IT hardware that includes an Ethernet port, Wi-Fi, optional cellular connections, and uninterruptable power supply. Cloud-based software (with 24/7 US-based support) is specifically designed with the user in mind while providing robust management performance tracking dashboards as well.
    1. Package management is a team sport. When a property decides to improve its package management operation everyone will be affected. This will be especially true for existing buildings that are completing a remodel. Space will need to be repurposed. Sometimes, the process will be all “get” and very little “give.” But often, a property will need to reclaim shared space, making a hallway a little shorter, or reconfiguring the bike or movie room.

      Talk to staff and residents about the benefits of smart package systems. Invite their specific ideas and input about the locations and trade-offs under consideration. Be sure to consider how existing traffic flow (including elevator usage) inside and outside the building may be affected. For multi-building properties, position smart lockers in various locations for the convenience of residents—and to require less space in any one single location.
    1. There are no tie games in baseball or package management. Pairing a smart package locker system with an access-controlled package room covers all the bases and puts your property ahead of the competition. This combination can manage 100 percent of your package deliveries while providing residents with 24/7 onsite access to retrieve their deliveries.

While any baseball may be beautiful, the most beautiful are the balls that fly over the bleachers at Wrigley Field or sail into the upper deck at White Sox Guaranteed Rate Field. When it comes to the latest trends in smart package management, you can hit a homerun, too.

Whatever the size or configuration of your property, there is a smart package management solution to match your needs. Let us help you plan it out.

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