Like you, Package Concierge continues to closely monitor developments related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We understand your concerns for your residents, employees and communities, especially as it relates to handling the influx of packages, and we share them. We take our responsibility to you very seriously and want to assure you that our company remains operational and our customer support team is committed to serving you 24/7.

Manage Increased Package Volume

It is likely you are already seeing a higher rate of package deliveries to your community as your residents opt to purchase more everyday items online due to temporary business closures and local restrictions. Manage this influx of package volume, just like you do during the busy holiday season, by using the Package Concierge management tools available in your system such as:

• Utilizing reporting in your Package Concierge Management Portal to monitor your system status using the “Locker Availability” and “Current Packages” reports

• Removing “Time Expired Packages” from the lockers when you receive the automated alerts notifying you that packages have been in the lockers past the time threshold you set for your community

• Encouraging residents to set Vacation Mode via their Resident Portal in the event they will be away from their apartment for an extended period of time

Assist Residents Who May Not Have Previously Used the Locker System

During this extended ‘Stay Home’ time, residents who previously did not purchase items online may now begin receiving packages for the first time. Depending upon how long it has been since they moved into the community, they may not recall the automated locker information you provided to them:

• Post instructions near the locker on how to register and receive their log in information to access the Package Concierge App

• Remind residents they can use the barcode in their package delivery notification email or text, or via the mobile app to open the locker door and retrieve their package

• If you have reduced hours or even closed your leasing office, be sure to communicate with your regular parcel carriers and post notices where your carriers and residents can see the important temporary operational instructions specific to your community and the Package Concierge

• Direct residents, who may need assistance when your office is closed to the Frequently Asked Questions section found on our Support Page

Let Package Concierge Help!

Our field service team is keeping on top of changes regarding closures or other restrictions imposed by local governmental authorities that may impact our ability to physically access your communities. While we hope an on-site service call is never necessary, if one happened to be needed, the team will follow protocols to keep you safe. If local restrictions impede our access to your community however, our team will be in contact with you to determine a resolution to the issue.

As always, our service team stands ready to support you should you or your residents require assistance. You may contact your Client Service Manager directly, or our remote customer support team via 888.989.7114 or email at

Locker Care & Cleaning

Emphasis on cleanliness is naturally at an all-time high with frequent hand washing topping the list. Since your Package Concierge lockers and package room kiosks are a ‘high-touch’ point in your community, don’t forget to add them to your regular cleaning regime. Similar to other surfaces, a simple wipe down with a disinfecting cloth on the kiosk screen and locker compartment doors is appropriate. See the Package Concierge Care & Cleaning Guide for additional details.

The NMHC industry resource landing page “Coronavirus Resources for Apartment Firms” is also a great reference with links to resources from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), Department of Labor (DOL), Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and other organizations.

Business Partner

A final note about our sister company – Florence Corporation. Located in Manhattan, Kansas, they have been deemed an Essential Business and their business continuity plans allow the facility to remain operational. They have seen little to no impact on deliveries or supplies for the manufacture of Package Concierge lockers, package room systems, and USPS Approved secure centralized mailboxes and parcel lockers. These products are used in buildings across the U.S. and people depend on their delivery in order to complete their housing construction projects and receive certificates of occupancy.

Florence Corporation has implemented increased frequency of cleaning throughout the facility, limited onsite visitors, established enhanced social distancing for its employees while staggering shifts, increasing remote workers, and adding employee benefits. All team members are keenly focused on taking care of each other as well as you, our customer.

Thank You!

Thank you again for choosing Package Concierge as your partner. We want you to know we are committed to support your needs and are working hard to ensure we continue to provide you with uninterrupted, dependable service and products.

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