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One of the best things about a Package Concierge® system is that it only takes a few seconds to “get it.” Once a customer sees it in action, it’s easy to understand the benefits of having a custom locker-system at your office or apartment. With a few minor adjustments, our secure, user-friendly package lockers can offer some new services that you might not have thought of, but that your customers won’t want to live without.

Return to sender

Handling deliveries are our bread and butter, but our whole line of locker systems can be easily customized to allow for returns as well. Everything works in reverse, with customers putting the package into the locker, and the delivery person picking it up and entering it into the system so it can be returned to the sender. It’s another convenience that makes our systems such a positive addition to corporate and residential spaces.

Meeting customers halfway

Package Concierge’s systems aren’t just for apartments and office buildings, however. Have we told you how much we love brick-and-mortar retail stores? As it turns out, customers do too. According to a 2018 KIBO study, more than 80% of online shoppers have picked up web orders in a physical store. Because this system helps increase customer loyalty, more retailers are reaching out to Package Concierge to begin providing a Buy Online, Pick-up In Store (BOPIS) option. Our systems are a natural fit and they’re suitable for operations large and small.

Once you have a BOPIS system in place, it’s easy to add its well-named counterpart, BORIS, which stands for Buy Online, Return In Store. Anything that adds confidence to online purchases is going to increase loyalty, and BORIS definitely qualifies.

New services for old-school businesses

While we’re about the next generation of package handling, one thing that we’re uniquely designed to facilitate is services that have been around for ages. Dry cleaning, alterations, and the repair or servicing of smaller pieces like watches, hardware, or shoes, can easily be managed with a Package Concierge system. One of our locker units could easily turn your local cleaners or repair shop into a 24-hour business.

Package Concierge provides a unique opportunity to reduce friction while making it easy to interface with your customers. In the new retail landscape, successful operations will have to be omni-channel retailers that can capture dollars online, in the store, or anywhere they can connect with their customers.

Our customers are rushing to their Package Concierge system, and we can have them rushing to your business too. Explore the possibilities of expanding what you do while minimizing labor and increasing customer contact. Get in touch and we can make a plan for the next step in your evolution.

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