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If we have learned one thing over the last 90 or so days of working from home and sheltering in place, it is that  technology—often accused of being a force for isolation—has actually been a great connector. Just think of the word “Zoom” and you know what we mean.

There really is nothing more valuable for property owners and managers than to use technology to create the experiences today’s residents want. Here are five leading-edge technologies our customers have used to create an experience that differentiates their properties and delights their residents and potential renters.

  • Smart phones and applications: Renters want instant response and, with smartphone ownership at a virtual saturation point of 99 percent – according to Pew Research, there are many on-demand solutions that deliver the high-touch efficiency and self-sufficiency that Millennials, Gen-X, and Gen-Z prefer.  Whether a property specific app that deliver information about the latest goings-on in the apartment community, to package delivery notifications via text, to YouTube tutorials for minor repairs or ongoing maintenance, property managers can deliver information right to the palm of the residents’ hand.
  • The Internet: Working remotely has be come the new norm. Properties have been teaming up with the building’s internet service provider (ISP) to ensure the best possible service. Explore options with your ISP to upgrade speed or capacity necessary to improve residents’ online experience. Now is also the time to replace outdated routers to help increase consistent connectivity in order to avoid the frustration of being kicked off a work call. While cost may have been the most important consideration in the past, streaming and video usage make high-speed the top priority.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Pattern recognition software uses information gathered from internet behavior, or from Alexa or Siri, to develop demographic personas. Matching these profiles to their target demographics, property owners and managers can build a comprehensive digital marketing plan with interactive content. For instance, self-guided, solo tours of the property and neighborhood, which is shaped to an individual’s interests and needs.
  • 3D Video: Online and on-premise guided tours are a must in today’s real estate industry. Whether it is an online video or a self-guided tour, beautiful experiences presented efficiently are necessary. Taking high-end photography to the next level with 3D video helps renters visualize, and even in some instances experience what it would be like living in a certain location of the property or walking in the neighborhood even when they may not have the ability to visit in person.
  • Smart Homes and Internet of Things (IoT): Turning a lightbulb on or turning down the heat with a smart phone—that’s the Internet of Things. Smart appliances, smart locks, digitally accessed lockers and package rooms, meters, and smoke detectors —not to mention entertainment, are all part of IoT, a technology that saves time, money, and makes residents feel more self-sufficient and safer.

From attracting potential residents to connecting with them on every aspect of your relationship (from applications to repairs), use the technologies that dominate their world to create connections and ultimately improve your efficiency and occupancy rates.

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