Today, Package Concierge®, the innovator of the automated locker system, is announcing its predictions for 2019, including what the multifamily industry and retailers are expecting in order to make the most of the expanding automated locker solutions. Consumers spent $850 billion this holiday season, including $110.5 billion online, according to Mastercard SpendingPulse. As a result, shipping also saw a boost – UPS estimated it delivered 800 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas, up five percent from the same holiday period last year.

“2018 was a tipping point for automated locker systems, as evidenced by big moves from retail giants who have adopted them as a strategy for growth in the last year,” said Georgianna Oliver, founder of Package Concierge. “These systems are becoming a critical part of the supply and delivery chain across multiple industries – from apartment buildings using lockers to mitigate clutter and increase security, to businesses using them for receipt of after-hours delivery, and retailers adopting them to capitalize on the buy online pick up in store movement. With our proven track record, Package Concierge is delivering and focused on continuing to innovate to meet demand across markets.”

With deep insights into the space, the experts at Package Concierge have outlined its top three strategies to help businesses looking to integrate an automated locker system in 2019:

  • 1.    Location, location, location: Location truly matters – installations should be visible, easy to access, and ideally, available for 24/7 convenient access. Utilizing an automated locker that provides a common platform for both indoor/outdoor installation allows for greater installation location flexibility. New Package Concierge data shows that 83 percent of customers would prefer 24/7 access to the locker in order to increase utilization of the solution.
  • 2.    Go BIG or go home: Don’t limit your potential for using these systems. Oversized lockers are almost always necessary to accommodate a wide-range of goods and packages as online orders for everything from jewelry and running shoes to large bags of dog food and king-size comforters to full pallets of large packages of paper towel rolls are being delivered regularly. Ensuring a sufficient number and size of lockers is vital to satisfying today’s savvy shopper.
  • 3.    Future-proofing: To manage seasonal trends and shifts in packages processed, it pays for businesses to seek out systems that can accommodate changing locker needs. Businesses, apartment buildings and retailers should future proof their locker investment by seeking out solutions that can accommodate the ebbs and flows of packages. The Package Concierge patent-pending Configurable Locker Compartments feature provides flexibility for dynamic needs by allowing users to simply swap out different door sizes and remove or add shelves to easily adjust the quantity and size of lockers from the same base system.

Package Concierge has managed 30 million packages nationwide, including processing more than three million transactions during the 2018 holiday season alone. The adoption rate for its system is close to 80 percent for those who sign-up to use the Package Concierge app and services. For more information and insights, please visit

About Package Concierge®
Package Concierge® is the innovator of the automated locker system. Made in America with design and cutting-edge technology at its core, Package Concierge is the only secure and seamlessly integrated system for 24/7 package management that also meets all fire and safety standards. From its intuitive mobile app to peer-to-peer shipping and returns, Package Concierge makes package management and pickup hassle-free for the multifamily and retail industries, and their users. For more information, visit

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