Los Angeles, CA

402 Units | 2 - 70 Lockers | 7ft System | Dark Bronze


Locker system

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The Residents of this New York City metro suburb are used to all the modern conveniences and expect quality amenities to support their lifestyle. With well over 600 Residents, this property was challenged by the escalating number of packages received every week.

Our Solution

Package Concierge installed two of our largest standard systems. One in each of the two buildings to provide convenience to the delivery carriers and Residents.


User acceptance has been overwhelming. Hundreds of packages have been successfully delivered and retrieved. Due to the success at this property, Management and Ownership are considering the system for other properties in their portfolio.


"Package Concierge is the best thing that has happened to this property since I arrived here."   

- Property Manager, ParcGrove

"I wanted to say how much I am enjoying the new Package Concierge System at Parc Grove Apartments (Stamford, CT). For the last week I have been trying to solve an issue regarding (2) missing packages on my own. During the wee hours it occurred to me what the problem might be. Once I contacted the office a wonderful woman was able to solve the problem immediately. I love this new service and would recommend it to other facilities. Thank you so much for your great idea and your professionalism."   

- ParcGrove Resident