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From Package Management to Employee Amenity

Designed to eliminate the burden of managing the ever-growing mountains of packages being delivered for residents in apartment communities – the Package Concierge® package locker system is now bringing convenient parcel lockers to businesses, commercial real estate property managers, and their corporate office clients. 

Corporations and corporate office management companies have also discovered that the Package Concierge® system has many more uses than simply managing packages!   Because our automated locker system provides an easy self-service method of transferring “things” between two parties … the uses as an employee lifestyle benefit are abundant!

Provide your Corporate Office Tenants with an amenity they can tailor to their own business needs in a myriad of ways.

Package Concierge® delivers amenities for clients and tenants alike

  • Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service Drop-off/Pick-up
  • Shoe Repair / Shoe Shine Deliveries
  • Transfers of Keys for Carwash/Services
  • Employee Temporary Self-Storage
  • Internal Employee Deliveries of Company Merchandise
  • And many more…

Don’t let employee personal package deliveries become a burden for your staff; instead, let Package Concierge® manage employee packages with ease!

"Package Concierge has been a lifesaver! Before we installed the system, carriers were dropping packages off in the office. This was a headache for such a small office staff to manage, plus the office always looked cluttered. Things have gotten so much better since we started using this system."

— Laura S., Property Manager, Washington DC

So whether you are looking for a complete package management solution – or a system that allows you to offer multiple amenities for your client tenants – a Package Concierge® automated locker system provides you the flexibility to address all your business needs.     

Secure After Hours Solution

Established companies with package delivery service to individual business suites during the day – but no way of accepting packages after business hours – may choose to use the Package Concierge® for after-hours package deliveries only.  Knowing packages are secure until office tenants arrive in the morning not only gives the commercial property manager and office residents peace of mind – it also avoids packages stacking up, helping to keep business lobby areas looking professional and organized. 

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