Smart Locker and Package Room Solutions

Package Concierge® is the most trusted provider of smart locker and package room solutions. With tens of millions of package transactions, Package Concierge® combines expertise and technology to seamlessly automate processes for multifamily housing, retail and other industries. As the only vertically-integrated solution, Package Concierge® products are built in the U.S.A. and powered by proprietary software to deliver on security, design, and functionality. By collaborating with customers to understand and address their evolving needs, Package Concierge® delivers the highest quality solutions to optimize operations and enhance user experiences across industries.


Many multifamily communities receive more than 20,000 packages per year.  An automated smart locker system or self-serve package room provides easy access for all delivery carriers without requiring the assistance of the leasing team, and is a secure solution for your residents.


With BOPIS / click-and-collect, using the store to fulfill the last mile is here to stay! Offering a self-service Package Concierge® retail locker system is the answer! ROI positive for you, and convenient for the customer, smart lockers make order fulfillment quick and easy!

Student Housing

Whether living on or off-campus, students get A LOT of packages.  An automated, self-serve Package Concierge® locker system will help ensure that everything from the beginning of the semester textbooks to pre-finals care packages, are available for students to pick up 24/7! 

Corporate Office

Is your corporate mailroom designed to handle both business and personal deliveries from employees? Installing a self-service Package Concierge® smart locker system or package room allows you to better manage the flow of all these packages.

"We love it! From day one, Package Concierge has solved our package dilemma. Delivery carriers, including UPS, FedEx and the USPS love the system and our residents have never been happier. The system is extremely easy to use for residents and management."

— Sara Y., Property Manager, Boston, MA

Provide secure, 24/7 access

Self-Serve Package Rooms and
Automated Smart Locker Systems

Putting Package Concierge® Into Use - Case Studies

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