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Frequently Asked Questions

Package Delivery & Notifications

I received a package delivery notification but when I opened the locker there was no package - what happened?

If you have opened a locker only to find it empty, it could be the carrier simply did not deliver the package. Perhaps they selected the wrong person and didn’t follow the proper process.

For more information, you will need to contact the carrier company. The carrier info is in the Package Concierge delivery notification you received.

How do I contact the company responsible for delivering my package?
I'm not getting email notifications for package deliveries - what should I do?

If you aren’t receiving our emails, it could be that your email address is either misspelled on your account or it may be getting caught in a spam filter.

To check or update your email on file, log into your account in your Package Concierge portal.

If your email is correct – please add [email protected] to your approved senders list to ensure your notifications come through.

Contact your property management office if you are still having issues receiving notifications.

Portal & Account Information

I have already registered - but my Username is not working - what happened?

If your Username no longer works it is possible that your original account was marked as “Moved Out” in the system which can happen if the resident data we receive from the apartment community changes. An example would be if you changed apartments or recently renewed your lease.

Please re-register with the new Username you received in your welcome email to reactivate your Package Concierge account.

I have already registered - why did I receive a new registration email?

If you received a new registration email we need to check your Package Concierge account setup.

Please call our support line at 888-989-7225 or email us at [email protected].

I forgot my Username - how can I get it?

You can receive a username reminder by visiting your Package Concierge Portal and requesting a reminder and your username will be sent to your email address and/or text.

I can't find my registration email - how can I register to use the Package Concierge?

Go to www.packageconciergeadmin.com and click register in the top-right corner.

Since you don’t have your Username – you can re-send the email by clicking the link that says “Forgot your Username?” Press Submit and your account will send a new email that you can use to register.

If you still need assistance please contat us via email at [email protected] or call 888-989-7225.

Can I change my Username?

To change your Username, Email Address, Phone Number or contact preferences please log in to your account in the Package Concierge resident portal.

After logging in, select “Resident Info” and then click on “Edit”.

How do I change the email address used for my Package Concierge notifications?

To change your Username, Email Address, Phone Number, or contact preferences please log in to your account in the Package Concierge resident portal.

After logging in, select “Resident Info” and then click on “Edit”.

How do I change the phone number used for my Package Concierge notifications?

To change your Username, Email Address, Phone Number or contact preferences please log in to your account in the Package Concierge resident portal.

After logging in, select “Resident Info” and then click on “Edit”.

Can I change how I get my Package Concierge notifications?

Yes. You can change your contact preferences by logging into your account in your Package Concierge resident portal.

After logging in, select “Resident Info” and then click on “Edit”. From here you can update your notfication preferences and also change your email and phone number.

Can I change my name in my Package Concierge account?

Name or physical address changes must be done through your property management staff. Please contact your management office.

How do I select if I want a text message, phone call or email notification?
Please log in to your account at https://packageconciergeadmin.com/Login.aspx. Next, go to “Resident Info” on the left. Then click on “Edit” under Resident Information. You can change your contact preferences with any combination of Email, Text Message, or Phone call.
Can I get notifications to more than one email address or phone number?
Only one Email address or Phone number can be used on your account. However, you can get notifications via both email and text if you wish.
Is a credit card required to use the system?
A credit card will be required if your community charges registration fees or storage fees. If this is the case, your registration email will provide that information and instructions.
If I'm out of town on business or vacation - can I stop my packages from being delivered to the Package Concierge?
To set “Vacation Mode” on your Package Concierge account, please log in to your resident portal.   After logging in, select “Account” then “Resident Info” and click on “Edit”. Vacation Mode will be set to “No” as default but you can change this to “Yes” and set the time period using the From/To date fields provided.   Your name will be removed from the list of residents during the vacation time period you set to prevent Carriers from delivering packages for you into the Package Concierge system.   When the dates expire, the system will revert back to normal so your name appears in the resident list again for package deliveries. 

Using the System

I forgot my PIN - how can I reset it?

You can reset your PIN by logging into the Package Concierge portal and entering your username. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your PIN.

You may also generate a PIN Reset email from the kiosk.

The locker is stuck - can you open it for me?

If the locker door doesn’t open it may be because too large of a package was put in it creating pressure on the latch. Try pushing on the exterior of the locker to free the latch if you can identify the locker trying to open. If that doesn’t work – please contact your property management office for maintenance support.

How long can my package remain in the locker?

This timeframe is established by each community based on local management preference. It is always best to retrieve packages as soon as possible! But your package delivery reminders will include information about how long your package can remain in the lockers before storage charges are assessed or the package is removed.

If I do not want to use the system - can you remove me from the Package Concierge?

It is possible to disable your account so you will no longer be able to have packages delivered to the Package Concierge.

We advise you speak to your apartment management staff to make sure you have an alternative way to receive packages. They can also check to see if you have any packages currently in the Package Concierge.

If you do choose to disable your account, please email your request to [email protected].

How do I register to use the Package Concierge?

You can register to use the Package Concierge system by following the link in the initial email you received. It will take you directly to your resident portal and just follow the instructions on the screen.

I don't use email - can I still use the Package Concierge?

Yes. Text service is provided for notifications. Please ensure your management office has your current contact information required for system registration.

Can my children receive package deliveries too?

Yes. Dependents under 18 can be added by you in your Account. Log in to your resident portal – go to “Dependents” – and follow the on-screen instructions.

Can I restrict package deliveries to the lower lockers?

Yes. Your customer profile allows to designate all deliveries will be made to lockers 48″ or lower simply by selecting “ADA Accessible” which only opens the lower lowers for package deliveries.

Need Help?

Are you a resident needing help with your Package Concierge® system? Our U.S. based support center is ready to lend a hand!

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