Many multifamily communities receive more than 20,000 packages per year. Does your property management staff have the time to receive, organize, track, store, notify, and distribute that many deliveries to your residents? An automated, self-service Package Concierge® locker system provides easy access for all delivery carriers without requiring the assistance of the leasing team, and is a secure solution for your residents.

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With BOPIS / click-and-collect, using the store to fulfill the last mile is here to stay! How can omni-channel retailers provide a seamless customer experience (CX) while leveraging the store location? Based on strong customer adoption BOPIS is the key. Offering an automated, self-service Package Concierge® locker system is the answer! ROI positive for you, and convenient for the customer, lockers make order fulfillment quick and easy!

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College students get a lot of packages and the centralized mail service for the University staff and faculty is a campus staple. With the increase in package volume driven by today’s online shopping culture, is your campus equipped to handle the volume? Utilizing an automated, self-service Package Concierge® locker system ensures that everything from the beginning of the semester textbooks to the pre-finals care packages are delivered securely.

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As employees are concerned about the safety of their packages sitting on their home doorsteps, they often ship them to their office instead. Combine that with the daily standard business package delivery, creates a strain on the existing internal delivery system.  Is your corporate mailroom designed to handle this influx? Installing an automated, self-service Package Concierge® locker system allows you to better manage the flow of all these packages.

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Package Concierge® is the innovator of the automated locker system for apartments, retail, universities, and office/corporate settings. Made in America, with cutting-edge technology at its core, Package Concierge® is the highest-quality solution in the industry and is the only secure and seamlessly integrated system for 24/7 package management that also meets all fire and safety standards. From its intuitive mobile app, shipping and returns, to its Peer-to-Peer transactions, Package Concierge® makes package management hassle-free for every user.


Being the innovator of automated locker systems, we have the solution for every market.

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